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Ding Dong the Bitch is Dead


Ding Dong the Bitch is Dead ; ONE

I have… a problem. Call it a jealousy problem, maybe a little bit of a obsession, or maybe I just down right enjoy watching people… suffer. I know all, I know your every move, the coffee you got before you ate your bagel at breakfast. Even when you don’t think I’m watching, I’m always there. Every single breath you take, documented and videoed. Every last step you take, person you press your lips to; photographed. You don’t know who I am, but I know who you are. I’ve always known. Always.

The glistening blonde hair of the girl rustled softly in the howling wind of the dark city street. There she was, her favorite to watch. The short brunette in the coffee shop, that one that was cheating on her boyfriend with a married older man. Oh that little liar, she could watch her for hours and predict every move she was making as if it was a script. The knife trickled in her hand, rolling it as the blade caught the moonlight glistening for a moment. The red coat moved towards the middle of the street, the plastic of her mask gleaming under the streetlight as she watched the small brunette toss her hair at the older man. He fell for it, every move of her, oh predictable of an old bastard.

Her hazel hue rolled backwards as she stepped back against the gate, the knife clanging against the wrought iron railing of the gate of the church. Clang, bang, click, swoosh. The sounds heard in the distance as the knife made impact with the metal. A raven cawed in the distance as the storm clouds started to settle overhead. It was like a perfect picture out of a horror movie. Only, it was too perfect.

Movement. The hazel eyes glanced back at the coffee shop window as the brunette got up from the table to leave her older man toy behind, of course sticking him with the bill. She watched as she exited the shop, red coat not far behind her on her heels. She turned entering the path towards the rustling trees, the path that lead to the brunettes house, following silently behind her trail. Bringing the knife behind her back, Red Coat took a deep breath, a menacing smile crossing her lips under her always smiling mask.

Ping. The brunette’s phone sounded as she stopped dead in her tracks to pick up the phone that lit up with the sounds of a message. Red Coat neared the girl, walking just up behind her. Quickly, an arm swooped around her neck the blade at her throat with her free hand as she leaned in towards the girl’s ear. The knife ready to slash her throat at her final words. A quiet malicious voice sounded in the brunettes ear. “So, can you keep a secret?” The raven cawed one more time as the brunette fell to the ground and Red Coat disappearing into the shadows. Another down.

Ding Dong the Bitch is Dead ; TWO

I seriously love The Writer’s Block. This is for Chapter 2 Event!

[PF] Harley – Lid 03 – (ultraltbrow – A)
EYES; IKON Ascension Eyes – Hazel (S)
HAIR; [. Liquence . – F3 in Natural Fades
HANDS; Slink Mesh Hands (av) Casual S

MASK; DECO – MESH Hers Femme Personality Mask
NECKLACE; .Olive. the Folded Golden Paper Letter Necklace – N
KNIFE; Blah. (My Butcher Knife Bloody Red)

COAT; [celoe.maru.coat.blood.S] SHORTS; {mon tissu} Hanalei Shorts (S) ~ Black
TIGHTS; -tb- Plain Black Tights
BOOTS; {mon tissu} Provence Riding Boots / Black

POSES; Marukin

SL Disney Bound – Week Twenty Four: Mushu


SL Disney Bound - Mushu

It’s week 24 (and we’re caught up!) Mushu was the lovable dragon from Mulan voiced by one of my favorite comedians! I really love the way this outfit came out and I’m so excited about it! I can’t believe there’s only TWO weeks left and I have two special characters lined up for the last two weeks! I look forward to seeing you Mushu blogs! (Sorry this is posted so late! I’m going a bit crazy with my SL store and a few things in RL thank you guys for being so understanding!)

[PF] Harley – Lid 03 – (ultraltbrow – A)
EYES; IKON Ascension Eyes – Hazel (S)
HAIR; TRUTH HAIR Lyma – LightBlondes01
HANDS; Slink Mesh Hands (av) Casual S

EARRINGS; EarthStones Icicle Earring – Crystal Ice
NECKLACE; EarthStones Power Crystal – Hers – Moonstone
RING; (Yummy) Crystal Cluster Ring – Quartz

SHIRT; Tee*fy Bella Ruffles Camisole One Layer Passion XS
VEST; Tee*fy Basic Simple Vest Yellow – M
SHORTS; Tee*fy Heather Ruffles High-Waist Shorts Passion XS
FLATS; {mon tissu} Favorite Leather Flats ~ Yellow

POSE; Marukin

SL Disney Bound – Week Twenty Three: Carl & Ellie


SL Disney Bound - Carl & Ellie ; ONE

Finally Week 23 is up and posted! I stole Luke for this blog and how cute are we?! Up is one of my FAVORITE Disney and Pixar movies and I absolutely love the romance between Carl and Ellie in the first 8 minutes of the movie. If you haven’t seen it yet you will get emotionally attached to this characters so quickly as you watch the story of their life progress in the very beginning few minutes of the movies, tears are definitely going to happen!

Have fun with this one and show your twist on my favorite Up characters Ellie and Carl! Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!

SL Disney Bound - Carl & Ellie ; TWO

HAIR; TRUTH HAIR Chilali – LightBlondes01
SKIN; [PF] Harley – Lid 03 – (ultraltbrow – A)
EYES; IKON Ascension Eyes – Hazel (S)
HANDS; Slink Mesh Hands (av) Casual S
FEET; Slink Mesh Feet (Av) Flat S

BOW; Noodles – Take An Adventure Bow
BRACELET; Noodles – Fairy Tale Charm Bracelet Gold

TOP; {mon tissu} Collared Shirt (XS) ~ Floral
OVERALLS; [monso] My Overall – Dark Blue

POSE; Marukin

HAIR; *Dura-Boy23*(Dark Brown)
SKIN; Fruk Bennett
EYES; IKON Ardent Eyes – Clarity

GLASSES; {mon tissu} Four Corners Readers ~ Black

TOP; ISPACHI Mesh [Mason] Full Ensemble
SHORTS; [UD] – Corbin Shorts – Brown – Mesh (Bag)
SHOES; UBU PornStar Lo-Tops

POSE; Marukin

GROUP POSE; GLITTERATI and Cheeky Pea – To the clouds

SL Disney Bound – Week Twenty Two: Cinderella & Gus Gus


SL Disney Bound - Cinderella & Gus Gus

Hey DisneyBounders! I’m so sorry I got so behind on the announcements on this challenge! I’ve had a CRAZY real life! I actually met my co-writer JIM in RL two weeks ago! It was super exciting for us and such an AWESOME time! In addition to meeting her I was very very lucky to be able to attend the D23 Expo at last minute. For those of you who are unaware what that is it’s a Disney Expo and they talked about all the new things coming out in the coming years! Lots of exciting things that I got to see and so many fun things to do!

Anyways back to DisneyBound we are SO close to being to the end! It’s hard to believe! For Week 22 I wanted to get two more pairs out before the last two so here is Cinderella and Gus Gus! Gus Gus is my FAVORITE sidekick mouse so of course I asked my new Noodles CSR Darla to help me out! How adorable is she? I can’t wait to see your Cinderella and Gus Gus looks!

[PF] Harley – Lid 03 – (ultraltbrow – A)
EYES; IKON Ascension Eyes – Hazel (S)
HAIR; ::Exile:: Break Away:Vanilla
HANDS; Slink Mesh Hands (av) Casual S

EARRINGS; (Yummy) Pearl Earring
NECKLACE; Noodles – Magical Coach Necklace
CHOKER; *BOOM* Precious Bow Choker (neck) pitch
BRACELET; Noodles – Fairy Tale Charm Bracelet Gold

TOP; Tee*fy Milena Ruffle Blouse Short Sky S
PANTS; {mon tissu} Hanalei Shorts (S) ~ Blue
SHOES; Leverocci – Knox Wedges_Icy Silver

POSE; Marukin

Don’t have info, sorry!
EYES; Don’t have info, sorry!
HAIR; Elikatira, Frost in Brown 08.

BAG; Tee*fy, Leather Bag.
NECKLACE; Cae, Love Letters Necklace.
BRACELET; Noodles, Fairy Tales Bracelet Part II.

CARDIGAN; Inner Peace, Mix n’ Match Cardigan in Lemon.
TOP; Little Closet, Basic T-shirt in Cream.
TIGHTS; Dream Doll, Tights in Brown. (IM Giselle Melune to purchase.)
SHOES; Gos, Amelia Aviator Boots in Chocolate.

POSE; Marukin

SL Disney Bound – Week Eighteen: Alice


SL DisneyBound - Alice

I’m sorry I’ve been so busy lately and I’m SO sorry that I missed last week completely! A little reason why. I was VERY luck to be a counselor at Camp Hardknock for Summer 2013. A lot of things changed in my SLife for the better and I couldn’t honestly be happier! I’ll be doing a whole entry about it and posting a few pictures that I was able to take! Unfortunately because of this I didn’t have any spare time even for DisneyBound (Sorry DisneyBounders I so love you tho!) But for this week to make up for that we’re going to do TWO!

For last week I bring you Alice! Because everyone deserves to celebrate their unbirthday! I can’t wait to see how you guys turn this out! I always loved Alice for her curiosity and for her very good advice (which she seldom followed).

See you in a few minutes when I post this weeks!

Essences – Noodles – Natural (RARE)
EYES; IKON Ascension Eyes – Hazel (S)
HAIR; [LeLutka]-ALICE hair – Bournville

NECKLACE; [LeLutka]-ALICE necklace

DRESS; [celoe.coco.top/mini.olymp.S] TIGHTS; -paper.doll- Tights: White
SHOES; {mon tissu} Favorite Leather Flats ~ Black

POSE; Marukin

SL Disney Bound – Week Seventeen: Dumbo



Short post this week due to holiday weekend! I wasn’t sure who to pick this week but a few awesome plurk buddies asked for Dumbo and here it is! The lovable little elephant, Dumbo! To be honest, this movie made me sad as a kid and watching it growing up and really now even understanding it more it’s so sad! I really miss classic animation movies a lot, don’t get me wrong I love CGI too but there’s so few hand drawn animation anymore it’s really a lost art. So much that disney even closed their hand drawn animation studio! :(

I look forward to seeing your looks this week! Have a happy fourth!

Essences – Noodles – Natural (RARE) NEW @ THE CHAPTER FOUR
EYES; IKON Destiny Eyes – Hazel (S)
HAIR; (Chemistry) Hair – Lyric – Browns – Chocolate

NECKLACE; *League* Kandula Necklace Silver (spine)
BAG; (TokiD) elephant bag (light)

DRESS; {mon tissu} Jersey Dress / Rigged Mesh (S) ~ Grey
BELT; {mon tissu} Park Avenue Belt
SHOES; (fd) Bossy Boots – Wingtip Gray

POSE; Marukin

SL Disney Bound – Week Thirteen: Mad Hatter



Have a very Merry Unbirthday this week! Are you celebrating your unbirthday? I know I am! 364 days a year! It’s week Thirteen for DisneyBound and who says thirteen has to be an unlucky number! Let’s stir some crazy and get on our best Mad Hatter looks! Don’t forget to attend a tea party!

The Mad Hatter has always been one of my favorite disney characters, he’s so luny, fun and makes me laugh every time! Truth released a super super cute hair this week called Delta. I love the little ‘pouf’ and the high ponytail! Who doesn’t love a little Jersey volume in their hair? I’m also really excited to finally release my Fairy Tale Bows for the arcade! Naturally I couldn’t resist wearing the Unbirthday Bow modeled after the color palette of Mad Hatter!

I can’t wait to see your unbirthday looks!


Essences Clover 01 *sunkissed* brunette
HAIR; TRUTH HAIR Delta – Browns03 NEW
EYES; IKON Ardent Eyes – Parchment (S)
EYELINER; -UtopiaH- Metallic Eyeliner #4
HANDS; Slink Mesh Hands (av) Casual XS

HAIR BOW; Noodles – Unbirthday Bow @ The Arcade
PIERCING; -UtopiaH- Monroe Piercing (silver)
BRACELET; Noodles – Fairy Tale Bracelet Part II Gold @ The Arcade

JACKET; Color.Me.H.O.F [ScarletBlazer[Orange]_XS
SHIRT; *BOOM* Everyday Tank (super blue) no sheer 2
SHORTS; {mon tissu} Hanalei Shorts (S) ~ Green
BOOTS; (fd) Bossy Boots – Plain Brown @ The Arcade

SL DisneyBound – Week Three: Gaston


SL DisneyBound - Gaston ; ONE

Week three is HERE and a little late! (Sorry about that). Believe it or not my favorite characters growing up weren’t Princesses. It was the villains. I don’t know what it was about the villains but they were ALWAYS my favorite! (Maybe it’s because I’m evil >:D) So this week I decided to switch it up and bring you Gaston! One of my FAVORITE Disney Villains. His color palette is very simple inspired by Red, Brown, Black and Yellow. Take this look and make it your own! I can’t wait to see what you all come up with!

Also PS, I know I said in a few days I would get the gifts done but I’m still behind. RL is hitting me a little harder then I would enjoy right now but I will get them done! I have all your names in the comments and I will send them as soon as they are done! Looking forward to this week with you guys! Enjoy Gaston! I know I did!

SL DisneyBound - Gaston ; TWO

Lastly, here’s some inspiration for you all!

Essences Clover 01 *sunkissed* brunette NEW @ SKIN FAIR 2013
EYES; IKON Ardent Eyes – Parchment (S) NEW @ The Liaison Collaborative
TEETH; [ PXL ] Mouth_open_Addon_v6 (Mod/Copy)
HAIR; Magika [Hair S] Please NEW

TOP; Gawk! Yellow Tummy Shirt
CORSET; ISON – geometric corset -S- (red)
PANTS; .:villena:. – tucked up jeans F/S black
BELT; Maitreya Coin Belt Auburn (Pelvis)
BOOTS; {mon tissu} Provence Riding Boots / Chestnut

POSES; Exposeur “Oh Boy 2″ & Marukin

SL DisneyBound – Week Two: Ariel “Kiss the Girl”


SL DisneyBound - Ariel "Kiss the Girl"

It’s already week two! How exciting! I think I need to clarify somethings about the challenge that I didn’t do a good job of explaining before! (Sorry like I said this is my first one! hehe). When a week calls for a character it’s not just the movie, it’s a specific character! Although I really loved seeing everyones entries last week they were too cool! This week I’ll be a little more specific! (Plus if we do movies I might run out of them! … Okay maybe not but still! lol) One of my favorite scenes from any Disney movie is from The Little Mermaid “Kiss the Girl”. It’s so romantic, the song, everything about it is so beautifully animated. So! For this week I’ve chosen Ariel and an outfit inspired by her “Kiss the Girl” outfit! I’d love to see the way you guys make this outfit your own! Keep up the awesome work!

Instead of just doing the one normal clear shot of my outfit, I got a little creative and took a picture in my own boat (Sans Prince Eric! Sad!) Hope you guys love it as much as I do!

SL DisneyBound - Ariel "Kiss the Girl"

Also, for some inspiration! Don’t forget to check out the original DisneyBound website for tons of inspiration! Here’s one of the collages that she put together for inspiration for your outfits!

Don’t forget to comment HERE! with your entries and add your pictures to our FLICKR GROUP!. Just starting the challenge? Read the initial blog HERE!. Also the prizes for Peter Pan will be out in the next day or two! (Sorry fell a little bit behind!)

Essences Clover 01 *sunkissed* brown
HAIR; [LeLutka]-ARIEL hair – Jessica
EYES; IKON Ardent Eyes – Skyfall (S) NEW @ The Liaison Collaborative
BOW; Noodles – Kiss the Girl Bow NOT AVAILABLE

UNDERSHIRT; fri. – Longsleeve Scoop.Tee (White) TINTED!
CORSET; [celoe.clara.corset.gloom.XS] SKIRT; ISON – draped midi skirt -XXS- (gray) TINTED!
SHOES; {mon tissu} Favorite Leather Flats

BOAT POSE PROP; *{what next} ‘Reely Fun’ Row Boat Pose Prop
POSE; Label Motion

SL DisneyBound – Week One: Peter Pan


SL DisneyBound - Week One: Peter Pan

Here it is! Announcing Week One of the SL DisneyBound Blogger Challenge! The theme this week is Peter Pan! Pull together all your green and put on your best Peter Pan outfits that you can muster! Curious about this challenge? Read HERE! and don’t forget to post your pictures in our FLICKR GROUP!

Don’t forget to comment each weeks entry with your own blog for a cute little special prize each week! The gift will be given sometime before the next week is announced! (Though please bare in mind this may fluctuate if RL happens!) I look forward to seeing all your looks and meeting fellow Disney freaks like myself!

Learn more about DisneyBounding from the original DisneyBound Tumblr.

-Belleza- Ava Med 1
HEAD; (fd) BB Doll – Tongue @ THE ARCADE
HAIR; >TRUTH< Tenille 2 - frappuccino

SHIRT; ISON – draped crop tee -XS- (gray) [tinted to match green!]
TANK; *BOOM* Everyday Tank (hunter)
SHORTS; {mon tissu} Hanalei Shorts (XS) ~ Green
TIGHTS; Izzie’s – Tights olive
BOOTS; {mon tissu} Provence Riding Boots / Chestnut

POSE; Olive Juice – Fly Girls (No Longer available)

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