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“So cute! It’s like a little baby unicorn!”


"So cute! It's like a little baby unicorn!"

Happy New Year! Surprise! After a long time of considering closing Style Minions and talking to my sister Libby, I decided to bring back who was here originally and that was Libby and I and Style Minions. I miss the artistic side of SL since I’ve been buried in my own store and learning mesh over the past two years. It’s hard to believe that my store has been around for over two years now but here I am and oh what I have learned over the past two years. But I don’t want to forget where I started and that was here on this blog. I may not blog as often as I would like to but I want to blog at least once a week. I’ll have a little surprise for an idea that I’m working on that will be posted tomorrow, so make sure you stop by and see!

Collabor88 in he new year has been insane! OMG! UNICORNS! And Unicorns and rainbow overhaul and all around and I loved it! What girl doesn’t love sparkles? Libby and I wanted to bring back Style Minions together so our first post in the New Year is together. She took the pictures and I’m writing. So check out all this amazingness from collabor88 and stop by, here’s your ride!

We both would like to wish you a wonderful and happy new year. See you real soon! ♥

Natalee & Libby.

"So cute! It's like a little baby unicorn!"

*MishMish* Baby Unicorn Companion – White NEW @ Collabor88
floorplan. hanging string bulbs NEW @ Collabor88
floorplan. & SigFig. faux taxidermy unicorn / rainbow NEW @ Collabor88
Scarlet Creative Country Keep Prefab NEW @ Collabor88

SKIN; -Glam Affair – Rose – Asia 01 NB
BODY; -Belleza- Venus V 0.02
HANDS; Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Splayed
MOUTH; .Loud Mouth. – Alli
FEET; Slink AvEnhance Feet High M
EYES; IKON Hope Eyes (left) – Hazel & IKON Hope Eyes (right) – Blue
HAIR; Lamb. Black Milk NEW @ Collabor88

DRESS; .Atomic. {Petal Dress} FluffyPack – sm NEW @ Collabor88
SHOES; fri. – Cora.Heels (Candy) – Slink

HEADBAND; (Yummy) Unicorn Head Chain – Gold Horn NEW @ Collabor88
PIERCING; C h a r y .- Septum Ring- 7 (Gold) RARE
NECKLACE: (Yummy) Unicorn Cameo Necklace – Pink Sparkles NEW @ Collabor88
BRACELET; .tsg. Unicute Charm Bracelet – Rainbow NEW @ Collabor88
RINGS; Noodles – Dainty Rings NEW @ OMGacha

POSE; Marukin

SKIN; [PF] Doll V2 – Pure
BODY; #TheMeshProject (BETA) Deluxe Body(f)
EYES; #adored – dawn eyes – light blue / hazel
HAIR; TRUTH HAIR Harmony [Ponytail]

SHIRT; (NO) Unicorn Crop Tank – Born a Unicorn NEW @ Collabor88
SKIRT; -tres blah- Kinley Skirt – Ombre NEW @ Collabor88
SHOES; ::HH:: Hucci Selawik Pump – Pink NEW @ Collabor88

EARRINGS; Cae :: Odyssey :: Earring
MASK; Noodles – Majestic Unicorn Mask Gold NEW @ Collabor88
NECKLACE; (Yummy) Unicorn Cameo Necklace – Pink Sparkles NEW @ Collabor88
EARS/TAIL; +Half-Deer+ Unicorn Horn + Tail Set [Fairy] NEW @ Collabor88

Mon Tissu Blogger Search Entry – Natalee Oodles


Mon Tissu Blogger Search Entry - Natalee Oodles

So I figured, why not I would give this a try! I have always loved Mon Tissu, it is one of my favorite stores in SL and you can’t win if you don’t try right?!

Stepping outside in the morning, you feel that crisp wave of air. In the distance you see the leaves that were once green, how an array of oranges and red, falling from the place that it resided all summer, the branches. Autumn, my absolute favorite season. Why Autumn you might wonder? I absolutely love layering my clothing, let it be in real life or second life, layering is a way to be original, stay warm and just look totally fabulous.

I love pairing leggings or stockings with shorts. It’s a great way to get just a few more months out of those totally amazing shorts you bought over the summer. My favorite purchase of shorts over the summer? The Hanalei shorts, shown here in black, from Mon Tissu. I literally have been wearing these for days, weeks and months. They go with everything, they are textured and rigged to an incredible standard and, in my opinion, are absolutely perfect. They offer a great pop of color or a great standard short.

I also have a deep obsession with flat boots. Don’t get me wrong, I love heels too, but these boots, the Heathrow Boots, shown here in black, are the perfect autumn shoe for your avatar! They pretty much go with everything and can be worn with a vast majority of your outfits! The Slouchy Sweatshirt is also another one of my favorites released from Mon Tissu. If you haven’t noticed already I have an obsession with anything ombre and the pink ombre tone of this sweatshirt is cute and offers an adorable girly look dress up your sweatshirts! Isn’t it great when sweatshirts can be cute, comfy and stylish?

Have you found your favorite autumn must have yet?

the body co. Ivy (02 Ivory) brown brows
EYES; .ID. (Insufferable Dasdard) Mirror / Mesh Eyes / Green
FRECKLES; ::dUTCH tOUCH:: AddOns – Moles and Xtra Freckles (face)
BLUSH; PIDIDDLE – CheekDefinition – Diamond Cutter // PaleToFair
LIPS; [Ill] Illusory – Love Lips – Iced Latte
EYE MAKE UP; Diva: Ice Frappe – eyeshadow 7 }{ Deesse’s Skins
EYELASHES; ::BB:: (Beetlebones) Mesh Lashes V.01 (Starstruck black)
NAILS; [croire] ombre nails (neapolitan)
HAIR; !lamb. Adore (Mesh) – Milkshake

SUNGLASSES; {mon tissu} Harlow Sunglasses / Solid Lens ~ Black
TOP; {mon tissu} Slouchy Sweatshirt (XXS) ~ Pink Ombre
SCARF; {mon tissu} Skinny Scarf (L) ~ Black
SHORTS; {mon tissu} Hanalei Shorts (XXS) ~ Black
LEGGINGS; {mon tissu} Favorite Wool Tights ~ Gray
BOOTS; {mon tissu} Heathrow Boots / *Wear* Rigged Mesh ~ Black

BRACELET; [celoe.dara.bracelet.light] CUFF; (R) Silver Metal [MANDALA]UTAMARO bracelet/female/sumi Black

POSE; [croire] corner gaze

Something a Little Different


Something a Little Different

So I wanted to try something different for once! I don’t think I could get any more different then I have now! Okay that’s a total lie but I’m going to ease a fun different change! Something I like about myself is that I’m always open to trying anything and anything new. I’ve been seeing these prim boobs around a lot lately from lola’s, though mostly the pictures I see are a little… Well we just won’t go there! I had to edit them a lot to match my skin and paint over them. Though since the body co’s textures are so ridiculously amazing it’s hard to match really anything to them! But it’s fun to play and edit with!

Luck Inc has a variety of different ‘applier’s for lola’s and other prim boobs. I picked up the tankdress applier in black to go with my luck inc tankdress. It’s really nice you just click the little gun and it applies the texture to the lola’s so that you can wear the full outfit!

I’ve been dying to find a reason to wear these horns from The Plastik and I figured today was my chance! I’m obsessed with them they are so beautiful and the options are insane! They come with additional options for stones at a separate cost so that you can pretty much match them with every outfit!

I don’t think I’d keep the prim boob look all the time, but it’s definitely something fun to play around with and edit! Who knows maybe I’ll post a few more looks with them! Hope you like!

the body co. Ivy (02 Ivory) brown brows
EYES; Insufferable Dastard .ID. Mirror / Mesh Eyes / Green
HAIR; !lamb. Wild at Heart (Mesh) – Mint
BOOBS; Lolas! :::: Push-Up 2.5
NAILS; Leverocci – Round Nails_1FA_SilverGlitter

HORNS; :[P]:-Arachzis Horns://Angelic
CIRCLET; :[P]:-Arachzis Circlet://

DRESS;*Linc* Tankdress Black

POSE; BENT! once upon the HIP!

52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Week 13 Tea Green


52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Week 13 Tea Green! ; ONE

Intrigue Co has always been one of my favorite spots in SL. Mostly because the creator, Katharine McGinnis is a quirky lovely genius! If you haven’t checked out her store you really should, I can promise you from the range of her fun silly hats and props to her pajamas you will find at least five things to buy! For collabor88 this month she released this super cute, and might I add we are cat obsessed, cat themed rigged mesh dress! Calling all you lonely cat ladies out there, this one is for you! This is Intrigue’s first rigged mesh item and it’s flawlessly done! I can’t wait to see more of her mesh releases in the future!

Lucky for me this dress was in the perfect color to go with my 52 Weeks of Color Tea Green color! So I’m not catching up as QUICKLY as I wanted to but I’m trucking through! I’ll post more tomorrow! Until then!

52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Week 13 Tea Green! ; TWO

[Ill] Illusory Skin – Paige_Milk – Platinum (Dark Brow)
EYES; Mayfly – Deep Sky Mesh Eye (Sea Green, w3)
HAIR; !lamb. Betty Jean (Mesh) – Honeycomb Ombre
LIPBALM; [Illusory] Bubblegum Gloss
NECKLACE; (Caroline’s Jewelry) Cat Pendant Necklace
RING; JCNY – ‘Lotus, Mood Ring with Hyper-Gems
BRACELETS; The London Look – KittyCats Charmed
EYELASHES; ::BB:: BeetleBones – Mesh Lashes V.01

DRESS; Intrigue Co. – Cat’s Meow Dress: S – Mint NEW
LEGGINGS; Maitreya Couture Leggings – XXS Black

POSE; Marukin

A Touch of Summer


A Touch of Summer

Summer is upon us! Finally! My favorite time to lay around all day in the sun and read or do absolutely nothing! www.styleminions.com has a new look as well that’s appropriate for summer! Do you love it as much as we do?

The fruit bikinis are from Touche which is only available on the marketplace. I used to shop at this store when it was in world and I really like the few things she has to offer. They are really cute. My only problem with this bikini is the leaves on the top of the bikini are no mod so you can’t adjust them perfectly to fit your avatar but still they fit somewhat none the less!

Elikatira released a totally cute rigged mesh hair that is longer! I’m in love with this hair! It has a very summery feel to it and like all of Elikatira’s products, flawlessly made. And for now Jim and I will be enjoying our dock at Pemberley lounging in the tube and taking in some of those rays!

[Ill] Illusory Skin – Paige_Milk – Platinum (Dark Brow)
EYES; Mayfly – Deep Sky Mesh Eye (Sea Green, w3)
HAIR; !lamb. Ruby (Mesh) – Powder
NAILS; * RezIpsa Loc * ~ Daiquiri Nails (glove layer)

BIKINI; “Touche”Juicy Brakini (Fraise)
SUNGLASSES; Maitreya Mesh Jackie O Sunglasses
FEET; Slink Mesh Feet S

POSE; Marukin

*League* Jen Fair Natural (Cleavage C)
EYES; Mayfly – Deep Sky Mesh Eye (Light Grey, w3)
HAIR; [e] Return – Blonde 02

BIKINI; “Touche”Juicy Brakini (Orange)
SUNGLASSES; (VW) Oversized Shades – Metal
FEET; SLink Jolie Pied v2.0 Flat Bare

POSE; Marukin

Blow up ALL the things


Blow up ALL The Things ; ONE

It’s been awhile since I blogged, too long. Unfortunately a lot of RL things hit me all at once and it brought me down. I’m not going to let it hurt me anymore. I’m going to close this bad chapter of my life and open up a new. And what better way than to buy some guns from Breach, pretend my zombie spawning pool is all my problems and to shoot them down one by one!

Breach has joined the mesh craze and released two mesh guns which are awesome! Though I’m not a huge shooter game SLer I like to grab some friends and shoot zombies from time to time. This Mous helmet is one of my favorite things in SL and paired with a few other awesome things and tada, Natalee the badass is born.

Normally I write more but I sick as a dog and I really wanted to get this blog out! So here it is! Btw, the first image is edited, the second image is a raw shot with shadows and depth of field in SL! Hope to be blogging more soon!

Blow up ALL The Things ; TWO

[Ill] Illusory Skin – Paige_Milk – Platinum (Dark Brow)
EYES; Mayfly – Deep Sky Mesh Eye (Sea Green, w3)
HAIR; !lamb. Brand New Lover (Mesh) – Honeycomb Ombre
NAILS; Leverocci – Round Nails_1FA_SilverGlitter
EARRINGS; [bellballs] Inverted Cross Earring
BRACELET; *League* Coin Collector Bracelet -Dark Metal L (hand)

JACKET; Abyss – [Black] Cropped Bomber Jacket
TANK TOP; Suicidal Unborn -SU!- – Lolita Long Tank *Camo* Black
PANTS; Maitreya Leggings – XXS Black
BELT; :sey RJK2 Studded belt=black=
BOOTS; [Gos] Triumph Boots – Fem – Worn

LARGE GUN; *BREACH* M107A1 Gun (Version 1.2.1)
LEG GUN; *BREACH* Raven Holster Leg Right (Version 1.0.3)

POSE; Marukin

A little BOOM is in my League!


A Little BOOM is In My LEAGUE!

Hey everyone! Long time no blog! Sorry I’m SO behind on everything I had a little bit of a chaotic real life and as I’m getting closer and closer to some exciting real life events I’m getting a little more stressed! Don’t worry I haven’t forgotten about you all! Just a little less time but I will find time! I will not let you guys down!

So Boom released these totally cute “Comfy Womfy” underwear in a bunch of different colors! Why buy one when you can pair them right? That’s just what I did pairing the Keylime bra with the underwear in pitch! The nice lace detail on the outside and these are totally cute! In fact I’ve been walking around in them since I got them on my platform! BOOM also released a really awesome set of these undies with stripes for Collabor88 which you should all definitely go check out!

What better way to show off my new skin then these underwear right? I have to say, it takes a LOT for me to get a new skin. Normally I refuse to change my shape because I’m so attached to it so unless it looks good, I won’t buy it. My Illusory Paige skin is normally my absolute favorite but League – Jen has stolen my heart! While the Illusory skin makes my avatar look a little younger, I definitely like the more mature look of the Jen skin! I’ll be switching between both I’m sure depending on where I am RPing! Jen comes with a ton of awesome options, make ups, cleavage etc. I even splurged a little and bought the fatback! So hop on over to League today and try a demo!

That’s all for today! Hope to be back tomorrow! Happy Monday!

*League* Jen Fair SmokyRose (Cleavage C) Hairbase
EYES; Mayfly – Deep Sky Mesh Eye (Sea Green, w3)
HAIR; !lamb. Frenchie – Honeycomb Ombre
NAILS; * RezIpsa Loc * ~ Slate Gray Nails
EARRINGS; [bellballs] Inverted Cross Earring- Black NEW

UNDIES; BOOM* – Comfy Womfy in Keylime and Pitch NEW
POSE; Marukin

52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Week 5 Patina!


52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Week 5 Patina! ; ONE

I have to say for Patina, I had quite a difficult time finding this particular shade of green but I think I did okay in the end don’t you?

The good thing about taking a blogging break is when you come back there’s a ton of new releases that you are lucky enough to cover! Paper.Doll has released a NEW skin called Effy! Shown here in the Fair tone! The face is really cute and sweet and The eyebrows are really nice and full! I think this skin is adorable and there are quite a few nice make up options as well! You should definitely check it out! Also as part of her February VIP Gift you can check out a Valentine’s version of Effy just for the low cost of the VIP group fee! Zoey gives tons of great gifts to her VIPs every month and is one of my favorite VIP groups!

Lamb is back and I couldn’t be more thrilled! She released two new hair’s this round and of course with the new blonde tones, though I’m still partial to my Powder tone for my platinum blonde! This hair is called Oleander which is a very full hairstyle with long bangs (edited here so you could see the face of the skin!) and I love it! I wish I had this much hair on my head in real life! (ha!) Stay tuned for more very soon!

52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Week 5 Patina! ; TWO

-paper.doll- Effy: Fair-01 NEW!
HAIR; !lamb. Oleander – Powder NEW!
EYES; Mayfly – Deep Sky Mesh Eye (Sea Green, w3)

TOP; {SMS} Cropped Lace Tank Mint 1
BOTTOM; Grixdale – Lazy Denim Skirt – Navy (dark)
SOCKS; Izzie’s – Overknee Socks mint
SHOES; [e] Secret Boots – Black

JEWELRY; Anthem. Victoria rings (silver) complete
NAILS; * RezIpsa Loc * ~ Minty Fresh Nails (gloves layer)
MAKE UP; -tb- Freckles
LASHES; ::BB:: Mesh Lashes V.01 (Starstruck black)

Stumblebum is back for more!


Stumblebum is back for more! ; ONE

Can you believe we are almost over with January in 2012?! Stumblebum is back for it’s second round and it’s just as impressive as the first! Tons of items to love and buy at a small discounted price! My favorites especially were paper.doll, Honey, I’m Home! & Whippet & Buck! As always the quality and care into this event really shows through more than any other event! How could you not love Stumblebum?

Stumblebum is back for more! ; TWO

I grabbed my favorite KittyCat Kelly for this picture in my new sky home by Honey, I’m Home! and my LISP bed that matches perfectly! The Honey, I’m Home! Skybox is amazing! With shades of purples and pinks, it really is a girl’s dream! The texturing is original and too cute! I never want to leave home anymore! This dress from Whippet & Buck the “Talk” dress is one of my new favorites. It’s sexy, comes in four colors and can be worn dress down or dressed up! Here I paired it with favorite pink tights (to match my new home of course) from MStyle, the Stumblebum Jewelry from Mood called “Ambition” and my new favorite G-Field heels!

Stumblebum is back for more! ; THREE

Zoey from paper.doll has been at it again releasing this super cute shorts dress for Stumblebum worn by my lovely friend Jim! I love the floral pattern and the high waist belt! This outfit is perfect to wear on any occasion!

Stumblebum is back for more! ; FOUR

Sea Hole also released these sexy tops which I squeezed my co-writer Teresa into! I love the detailing around the collar and chest area! This shirt has a lot going on and it’s all working beautifully! Can’t forget to mention how cute is this piano from LISP that they released for Collabor88? Goes perfectly in my new home!

Well that’s it for this edition of Stumblebum! See you next week!

al vulo!- Polly* natural teeth Hb porcelain
HAIR; !lamb. Frenchie – Honeycomb Ombre

DRESS; Whippet&Buck The Talk Dress PITCH New for Stumblebum!
TIGHTS; [M]Tights – Neon Edition – Pink
HEELS; *GF* Strap Shoes “Alex” -black-

NECKLACE & EARRINGS; ::MOOD:: Ambition Earrings & Choker New for Stumblebum!
MAKE UP; LAQ ~ Eye makeup 01c
EYES; Aphotic Gloom – Aquilius Eyes (Anya)

POSE; Boom – Ambitious Angles New for Stumblebum!

:Curio: Moonbeam-Ice Queen-Pure
HAIR; [LeLutka]-QCX hair/Light Blonde

DRESS; -paperdoll-Maddy: Clarity New for Stumblebum!
SHOES; [N] moccasins- calf highthe 3 layer fringe- black
SOCKS;Doppelganger Inc.- Knocked Up Knee Socks

EYES; Pulse-Avanti Eyes/Rubens
RING; (epoque.s)Brainwash Ring- Silver
MAKEUP; PIDIDDLE- CheekDefinition- Diamond Cutter//PaleToFair

POSE; Boom – Ambitious Angles New for Stumblebum!

SKIN;-tb- Gatcha Skin: Sunkissed

HAIR;*Alice Project* Collette v2 – Blonde

TOP; The Sea Hole – Latour Blouse – Antique New for Stumblebum!
PANTS; celoe.lolong.trousers.tapa

EYES; -tb- Jejune Violet Eyes
EARRINGS; Aura – Down Pour – Earrings – Pearl

POSE; Boom – Ambitious Angles New for Stumblebum!

GROUP POSES Maraukin & Olive Juice

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