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Tea & Mimosas


Tea & Momosas

I’m sure, if you haven’t heard already, The Arcade has FINALLY opened with it’s third round! Who couldn’t be more excited with all the AWESOME items that it has to offer! Celeste & I decided to collaborate on our first blog for it and it’s jam packed with goodies from the event!

I’m sure you’ve all noticed that our heads don’t look like they normally do, (fashionably dead) has released another round of mesh heads for this round that are super cute and even have some awesome RARES with different types of animals! My favorite was the Mouse Head, I mean who can resist those cute little mouse ears? Not to mention you know my favorite mouse, Mickey and Minnie Mouse! We decided to play a little cat and mouse over our little picnic lunch from Tres Blah! I couldn’t stop until I completed the set and was so pleased when I did! I have a bit of an obsession with sl food and come on, how cute are these!?

Paper.doll released a really awesome top called the Bow Bandeau which features a huge bow over the top of your chest! Jim paired it with a few super cute things to make it super classy and chic! (Like she usually does) One of my favorite items was The Sea Hole skirt from The Arcade, another thing I had to have every one of! I decided to pair it with the new truth hair from the Arcade which is super cute and comes with different flower headbands! I have an obsession with flowers lately and these are just to die for!

With all these awesome goodies be sure to check out the Arcade soon! It’s open till the end of the month!

:GP: Moonbeam [Dark] Ice Queen-Pure 1
HAIR; [LeLutka]-POCAHONTAS hair – Powder
HEAD; (fd) BB Doll – Cat @ THE ARCADE

JACKET; Eskimo Fashion – Leather Bolero Jacket [XXS] – Black
TOP; :Paper.Doll: Bow Bandeau: Black @ THE ARCADE
UNDERSHIRT; [Pink] Poppy Sheer Chiffon Blouse (undershirt) – black
SKIRT; The Secret Store – Annie Pencil Skirt – Houndstooth – XXS
STOCKINGS; ..::DARE::.. Lace Stockings Vintagey
SKATES; The Secret Store – Vintage Roller Skates -White Leather- @ THE ARCADE

NECKLACE; GizzA – Epaulette Set [Black] Pearl Necklace

-Belleza- Ava Med 1
HAIR; >TRUTH< Video Games - DarkBrownFade @ THE ARCADE
HEAD; (fd) BB Doll – Mouse @ THE ARCADE
NAILS; (NO) Nail Art – 9 Lives @ THE ARCADE

TOP; [Whippet&Buck] Claven Lace Blouse EGGSHELL
SKIRT; The Sea Hole – (One Size MESH) Lorette Skirt – Noir @ THE ARCADE
FEET; [Gos] Barefoot – Flat – XS

BRACELET; Noodles – Fairy Tale Charm Bracelet Gold @ THE ARCADE

BLANKET; {what next} End of Summer Picnic Blanket
FOOD; Tres Blah – Tea Time @ THE ARCADE
POSE; Glitterati – Pass NEW

About Celeste


SL Name: Celeste Forwzy
Rez Date: April 21, 2007

About You: I’m a 24 year old Californian who is a tad obsessed with all things Harry Potter. If i’m not chilling with my friends or shopping (of course), I’m rping at the Hogwarts:Your Story sim. I’m a terribly shy person by nature, but once you get to know me, I can talk your ear off.

How would you describe your Style? I think my style is more on the elegant poshy side, although that wasn’t the case a couple years ago (would not like to relive those style mistakes.kthx :P). I always like to be in heels, they make pixel legs look fabulous! I usually stick to the same Curio skin, I’m a creature of habit.

What is your SL Fashion MUST-HAVE? Heels, always! I do enjoy me some LeLutka weaves too.

Do SL trends have any impact on how you dress? Of course, but I also like to be a little quirky sometimes.

What is your go-to favorite pair of shoes? G-Field’s Alex heel. They are a must have!

What Designer NEVER lets you down with any New Release? Lelutka! When they release new hair, I always end up buying AT LEAST one of the new styles.

What is your favorite and least favorite color to wear? I like to wear a lot of black and white. I’ve taken to wearing green a lot because I’m a Slytherin at H:YS. Least favorite would have to be yellow. It’s just not my first choice.

What accessories are you never seen without? Lashes. I’m kind of crazy about them.

What thing in your inventory could you NOT live without? My Curio skin. I’m ridiculously attached to it. It fits my shape perfectly. Oh, and my PIDIDDLE cheek definition tattoo layer. It’s always on my face.

Stumblebum is back for more!


Stumblebum is back for more! ; ONE

Can you believe we are almost over with January in 2012?! Stumblebum is back for it’s second round and it’s just as impressive as the first! Tons of items to love and buy at a small discounted price! My favorites especially were paper.doll, Honey, I’m Home! & Whippet & Buck! As always the quality and care into this event really shows through more than any other event! How could you not love Stumblebum?

Stumblebum is back for more! ; TWO

I grabbed my favorite KittyCat Kelly for this picture in my new sky home by Honey, I’m Home! and my LISP bed that matches perfectly! The Honey, I’m Home! Skybox is amazing! With shades of purples and pinks, it really is a girl’s dream! The texturing is original and too cute! I never want to leave home anymore! This dress from Whippet & Buck the “Talk” dress is one of my new favorites. It’s sexy, comes in four colors and can be worn dress down or dressed up! Here I paired it with favorite pink tights (to match my new home of course) from MStyle, the Stumblebum Jewelry from Mood called “Ambition” and my new favorite G-Field heels!

Stumblebum is back for more! ; THREE

Zoey from paper.doll has been at it again releasing this super cute shorts dress for Stumblebum worn by my lovely friend Jim! I love the floral pattern and the high waist belt! This outfit is perfect to wear on any occasion!

Stumblebum is back for more! ; FOUR

Sea Hole also released these sexy tops which I squeezed my co-writer Teresa into! I love the detailing around the collar and chest area! This shirt has a lot going on and it’s all working beautifully! Can’t forget to mention how cute is this piano from LISP that they released for Collabor88? Goes perfectly in my new home!

Well that’s it for this edition of Stumblebum! See you next week!

al vulo!- Polly* natural teeth Hb porcelain
HAIR; !lamb. Frenchie – Honeycomb Ombre

DRESS; Whippet&Buck The Talk Dress PITCH New for Stumblebum!
TIGHTS; [M]Tights – Neon Edition – Pink
HEELS; *GF* Strap Shoes “Alex” -black-

NECKLACE & EARRINGS; ::MOOD:: Ambition Earrings & Choker New for Stumblebum!
MAKE UP; LAQ ~ Eye makeup 01c
EYES; Aphotic Gloom – Aquilius Eyes (Anya)

POSE; Boom – Ambitious Angles New for Stumblebum!

:Curio: Moonbeam-Ice Queen-Pure
HAIR; [LeLutka]-QCX hair/Light Blonde

DRESS; -paperdoll-Maddy: Clarity New for Stumblebum!
SHOES; [N] moccasins- calf highthe 3 layer fringe- black
SOCKS;Doppelganger Inc.- Knocked Up Knee Socks

EYES; Pulse-Avanti Eyes/Rubens
RING; (epoque.s)Brainwash Ring- Silver
MAKEUP; PIDIDDLE- CheekDefinition- Diamond Cutter//PaleToFair

POSE; Boom – Ambitious Angles New for Stumblebum!

SKIN;-tb- Gatcha Skin: Sunkissed

HAIR;*Alice Project* Collette v2 – Blonde

TOP; The Sea Hole – Latour Blouse – Antique New for Stumblebum!
PANTS; celoe.lolong.trousers.tapa

EYES; -tb- Jejune Violet Eyes
EARRINGS; Aura – Down Pour – Earrings – Pearl

POSE; Boom – Ambitious Angles New for Stumblebum!

GROUP POSES Maraukin & Olive Juice

Sweet Mornings


Morning one and all  *waves* Illusory just bought out some amazing Jeans along with a couple of other things recently and I couldn’t help but tp there as soon as I received there NC.  Once I saw these red jeans I knew that I just had to have them.  I had no idea what the hell I was going to put with them but I figured I could work that out later haha.  So after doing a bit of digging in my invent I unearthed this cute little cotton top from d.Select and voila problem solved.  I wanted to keep this look fairly simple to show off the jeans cause I LOVE them haha.  And here it is =)

Sweet Mornings

Skin – Curio Petal Fall Hazy – Gala Phoenix

Hair –  LeLutka Victoria – Thora Charron

Eyes – Aphotic Gloom Auilius Tirablue – Rico Plisskin

Top – d.Select Cotton Undershirt – Steffi Villota

Jeans – Illusory The Skinny Red – Crushed Clarity

Feet – Maitreya Bare Feet Flat – Onyx LeShelle

Nails – Mandala Unisex Nails – Kikunosuke Eel

Pose – Diesel Works Julie 6 – Rogan Diesel

There She Blows!!


She’s suppose to love me yet she lets me blow away!!! Talk about sisterly love.

Least we was looking good in our gorgeous new boots at the time.

If you are not yet using a mesh viewer I can highly recommend the clothing and shoe range in mesh,

they fit perfectly and move with your body with no pokey out bits.

Just like my new Rain Boots which I am love with as my sister is with hers, I think we may even sleep in them.

They come in so many different colours and you can change the colours of all the little bits just by purchasing some texture packs,

and now there is even pattern packs to! one of which you can get free if you are in the stores group now it

can’t get better than that can it!


Boots – [GOS] – MESH Wellingtons

Skin – Curio – Fall Hazy

Hair – [E] – Wave

Necklace - [W&B] -  Memory Collector Necklace

Top – SU! – All Dayz Pullover

Pants – Cynful –  Modest Jeans Skinny

Pose – What Next – Rainy Days


Boots – [GOS] – MESH Wellingtons

Skin – Izzies – Belinda Skin Pale

Hair – Truth – Abigail

Skirt – Jane – MESH Mini Skirt

Top – Jane – MESH V Neck Sweater

Umbrella –  NoDe –  Umbrella V2

Stepping Out


I’m always looking for new poses to try out and use and today I saw the new pose set from Izzie’s called Pencil Skirt Poses.  I decided I’d attempt to get a little dressed up and try out my new poses.  One problem tho…I didnt actually own a pencil skirt haha.  A friend suggested that I go and look at The Secret Store for one, so off I tped and wouldn’t you know it I found just the right skirt.  Now all I needed was a top to go with it and well of cause they also had some great tops that would work great so I grabbed myself this one and headed home.  So in the end this is what I came up with =)

Stepping Out

Pose – Izzie’s Pencil Skirt Pose 6

Stepping Out a

Pose – Izzie’s Pencil Skirt Pose 3

Skin – Curio Fall-Hazy 2 –  Gala Phoenix

Hair – Vive9 Bruna – Sanya Bilavi0

Eyes – A.G  Aquilius Tirablue – Rico Plisskin

Top  – The Secret Store Puffy Blouse Cedar – Maylee Oh

Skirt – The Secret StorePencil Skirt Nougat – Maylee Oh

Shoes – Mstyle Goshi Pumps Chamoisee – Mikee Mokeev

Necklace – Izzie’s Bead Necklace Green – Izzie Button

Nails – Mandala Unisex Nails – Kikunosuke Eel

Animation Station


Boom has just come out with a great multi folder pose stand.  There will no longer be multiple pose stands covering my platform!!.  This  pose stand comes with 9 folders already attached with the ability to add more.  Simply drop your animations into the folders you want them in and tadaa done.  You can rename each folder what ever you like by clicking on the folder and chosing name folder from the drop down menu.  You can also chose to grab the animation you are standing on or all from that folder.  There is also a hud that you can wear to help rotate your avatar or you can use the rotation pad connected to the stand.  Another handy feature is that if you have a lot of poses in a folder instead of having to click-through all the poses to get to the one you want you can jump forward to it by typing in its number.  You can also hide the pose stand and folders when you are ready to take a picture by clicking on the pose stand or typing in the word hide.  This stand helps keep all your animations sorted and easily accessable.  Get yours here today!

Boom Animation Station

Animation Stand – Boom – Aranel Ah

Hair – [E] Garden Blonde – Elikapeka Tiramisu

Skin – Curio May Blackbird – Gala Phoenix

Eyes – Aphotic Gloom – Ricco Plisskin

Top – Boom House of the Lion Team Tee – Aranel Ah

Shorts – Cynful Modest Jean Shorts – Cynthia Ultsch

Socks – (top) Boom House of the Lion Wool Knee Socks – Aranel Ah

(bottom) Boom Folded Wool Socks – Aranel Ah

Shoes – UBU PornStar Low- Tops – Coke Dreadlow

Pose – Glitterati Model Pack 14

A Beautiful Day for Quidditch Practice!


A Beautiful Day for Quidditch; Natalee

There’s something I’m ALWAYS on the look out for and that’s definitely Harry Potter related items! Especially Slytherin items, not that I’m biased or anything! (No, no not at all hehe). BOOM released these super cute Baseball style T-Shirts now available at Aranel’s H:YS The Alley Shoppes Stand! You can check out these and some toasty arm warmers (since the weather is getting colder after all!) all available to you HERE!

The Alley Shoppes just opened this weekend and is absolutely fantastic! There are many great stores all for your Harry Potter and RPing needs right in one handy location! Just make sure when you arrive at the sim that you are under 100 scripts or you may get banned for an hour! I’ll already made that mistake once! (**Facepalms!**)

A Beautiful Day for Quidditch; Mariska

Also available in The Alley Shoppes are these great Quidditch poses from ::eXpression::! They are sold separately according to the Quidditch position you prefer (Chaser, Beater, Keeper & Seeker) or all of them available in one handy fat pack! They are definitely worth checking out to get some awesome action shots!

A Beautiful Day for Quidditch; GROUP SHOT

And after all that exhausting practice, Mariska and I are ready to relax and enjoy our Ohmai Emporium: Every Flavored Bean… where truly they do come in EVERY flavor! Hope you don’t get booger!

[e] Changes – Blonde 01
SKIN; .::Mother Goose’s::.Loa(A)1 teeth

SHIRT; *BOOM* House of the Snake Team Tee (femme) NEW
SWEATS; Doppelganger – Vintage Sweats – Serpent 1
SNEAKERS; UBU PornStar Hi-Tops

FRECKLES; -tb- Freckles
EYES; Aphotic Gloom – Aquilius Eyes (Anya)
POSE; ::eXpression::

[E] Glory Blnde 2
SKIN; Curio PFJ Exclusive

SHIRT; *BOOM* House of the Lion Team Tee (femme)
ARMWARMERS; *BOOM* House of the Lion Armwarmers
SNEAKERS UBU PornStar Low-Tops

EYES; Aphotic Gloom
POSE; ::eXpression::

[E] Glory Blnde 2
SKIN; Curio PFJ Exclusive

SHIRT; *BOOM* House of the Badger Team Tee (femme)
SHORTS; Atomic I <3 corduroy black
ARMWARMERS; *BOOM* House of the Badger Armwarmers
BOOTS; KAO suede fringe boots black (darkened for the pic)

TONGUE; Ohmai Emporium: Every Flavored Bean (Booger)

>TRUTH< Abigail - Platinum
SKIN; LAQ ~ Jennie2 – [Fair] – 01

SHIRT; *BOOM* House of the Raven Team Tee (femme) (Movie Colours)
SHORTS; -tb- Ripped Jeans
ARMWARMERS; *BOOM* House of the Raven Armwarmers (Movie Colours)
BOOTS; [N] moccasins- calf high 3 layer fringe Black

TONGUE; Ohmai Emporium: Every Flavored Bean (Birthday Cake)
WAND; Schadenfreude Tendrils Wand

Immortal Myths


Today I went shopping and saw this beautiful skirt and felt my inner hypie ready to come out and play hahah.  So once I dug through my invent I managed not to break my bank account and put the rest of this look  together with stuff I already had. Woot I now have a look but…as much as I love all the autumn trees and leaves around at the moment I really felt like I wanted some green.  So as well all do I went straigh to my flickr groups and checked out some locations.  As soon as I saw a picture of Immortal Myths sim I new it was the one I needed to go to.  This sim is amazingly beautiful and reccomend everyone go take a peek at it. Ok I have now rambled and here is the pic hahah.

Immortal Myths

Skin – Curio Petal Fall Hazy – Gala Pheonix
Hair- Maitreya Nadja – Onyx LeShelle
Eyes – A.G Aquilius Tirablue – Rico Plisskin
Headband –  Pr!tty Athena Optional Feathers w/band- Karla Marama
Freckles – Plastik Aleria Makeups – Freckle Face – Aikea Rieko
Lip Gloss – Bullwinkle Lip Glass –  Rawr Adored
Eye Liner – Bullwinkle Double Winged Liner – Rawr Adored

Jacket – Coco Cardigan lace – Cocoro Lemon
Top – Tram Pintuck TT – Moca Loup
Skirt – Toxic Kitty Boho Skirt- Sookie Larnia
Feet – Maitreya Bare Feet with Anklets –  Onyx LeShelle

Nails – Mandala Unisex Short – Kikunosuke Eel
Necklace – Concrete Flowers (old hunt item) – Lynaja Bade
Bracelet – League Wanderer Bracelet – Nena Janus
Pose – Olive Juice – Another Effn’ Pose Stump – IsabellaGrace Baroque -

 (In this pic you cant see the actual stump as I  lowered it into the log I was standing on)

Location – Immortal Myths


I can pull off Elegance to!


So I got the season hunt all done, the outfits tried on and the need to shop hit me again so popped over to The Dressing Room Blue! They have some fabulous things out this week but the one that really caught my eye was this Elegant black dress. Unusual for me to be so prim and proper but thought I would give it a go and it turns out I can pull it off!! So I had the dress and my favorite shoes already in my inventory so thought I would accessorize! See told you I’m not a shopaholic ;)


Skin = Curio Petal Frex, Pout
Eyes = Aphotic Gloom Aquilius  Tirablue
Eyelashes = Damned Perfect Lashes

Dress = Baiastice Robyn dress-midnight
Shoes = Mstyle GOSHI Pumps – Gamboge Panther
Hair = [LeLutka]-BONJOUR hair/Light Blonde
Ear Cuff = [ glow ] studio – Ear Cuffs (two colours) (TDR BLUE 36)

Pose = marukin [L’antra] Pastel zirconia

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