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Business pastels.

Hello there, my name is Darla, or Bette, but I usually answer to Darla on both of my avatars. Yes, two avatars, two names. Confusing, I know! And although I tend to be overly wordy 99.9% of the time, I have no clue what to say here. I was just telling Rose, fellow Style Minion, that “I don’t know what to say, Rose!” She says I should simply tell you all a bit about myself and my style, and so I am going to take that and run with it! So, about the two names. See, I have two avatars, a big avatar and a little avatar. Yes, I have a kid avatar, and that is the avatar that I spend most of my time on and I will be blogging with here as well, too! My little is Darla Domenici, and my big is Bette Bodenhall. For the sake of my first post here, I am going to give you all a peek at Bette’s style choices.. or rather, my style choices as an adult. (Which, to be honest, aren’t all too different from my style choices as a kiddo, minus the heels and make-up, of course!)

I’m a rather simple girl. I enjoy classic styles on both of my avatars, and in all lives. At times, I can get a little quirky, but it is not as often. I can even get a little edgy, although that is outside of my comfort zone. But gosh, do I love classic styles! Audrey Hepburn-y looks, both old-fashioned and modernized. I absolutely love it! I love soft, feminine looks, as well as old, Hollywood glam, but nothing too flashy! Flashy just isn’t my thing. I don’t wear it well at all. Overall, though, anything soft and feminine is up my alley, which is likely why I completely adore pastel colors. Soft baby blues are my very favorite, although I have recently been attempting to embrace soft pinks a bit. If it were left up to me, everything would always be sold in classic colors such as black, white, navy blue, and a deep, deep red, and pastels. I don’t need any other colors! Or so I seem to think so.

When I found out that the theme for Collabor88 this round was Back to Business, I was so excited! I imagined a large selection of sharp-looking blazers, beautiful skirts and suit pants, and so much more! And yes, that is much of what I saw, and loved. I also loved the color palette so very much, but I wanted to challenge myself a bit and pick out those pastel colored items offered and attempt to put together a business look that appealed to my love for pastels. And so, I picked up a few pastel colored accessories and put together something that I am really happy with!


I decided to stick to mint, pink, and white colors, picking up the Sasha Studded Mint Bag with Rose Gold accents that is currently available at Collabor88 from Noodles, created by Natalee. I really adore rose gold, and so I just loved the fact that the studs on this bag were available in that option as well as in gold and silver. I decided to also pick up the Oxford Heels in Mint Polka at Collabor88 that are available from The Secret Store. These heels are absolutely beautiful and come in a wide range of colors! No matter what your favorite color is, or what your personal style is, with the amount of colors available everyone is sure to find a pair that they like. Personally, I just really wanted to fatpack them! The heels are extremely detailed, right down to the ribbed texturing of the laces, and are made to fit the SLink Female Mid Feet, although in the box you do get both a rigged and non-rigged version of the heels. Other things I picked up at Collabor88 are also the Leigh Frames in White from Yummy, as well as the High Friends in Places hair from Lamb, which I am wearing in the Kit Kat color. (By the way, I really love that Lamb’s brunette pack is a bunch of yummy chocolate bars!) Really, I went a little nuts at Collabor88, and I bought much more than what I have on in these pictures, but I’ll save those for a later post.

Walk a mile.

I should likely stop rambling, and move on to everything else that I am wearing, huh? Both my jeans and blazer are from Elate, and are actually from a previous round of Collabor88. (Yes, those are jeans! But dressy, and so very adorable.) My hairbow is an old, old favorite, and it is sculpted, but it is always a go-to for me. It is from TokiDoki, and is available in gacha form or in color packs. My floral undershirt is actually a dress, which I got a little creative with. It is Nylon Outfitters, and also from a previous round of Collabor88. My necklaces are from Mon Tissu and Cae, and my rings are from Cae, Trinket, and Pekka. Both the Trinket and Pekka rings are gacha items. Oh, and last but certainly not least, my skin is from Glam Affair, an Arcade gacha item from the December round, and my eyes are from IKON. (I just can’t seem to take that Gemma skin off! I love it.) Anyhow, now that I’ve either entertained you or have completely bored you with my wordiness, I just want to say thank you if you’ve read this far, and to please look below for more specific styling details!

Skin: -Glam Affair – Gemma by Aida Ewing.
Eyes: IKON Promise Eyes – Clarity by Ikon Innovia.
Lashes/Eye make-up: -Glam Affair- Couture Eyeliner no.02 by Amberly Boccaccio.
Hair: !lamb. High Friends In Places (Mesh) – Kit Kat by Lamb Bellic.
Undershirt: (NO) Shabby Chic Sweetheart – Mint by Nylon Pinkey.
Blazer: (Elate!) Piper Blazer Ivory by Kellie Iwish.
Pants: (Elate!) Elle Jeans Rose Heels by Kellie Iwish.
Heels: The Secret Store – Oxford Heels [Slink Feet] – Mint Polka by Maylee Oh.
Handbag: Noodles – Sasha Studded Bag Mint/Rose Gold by Natalee Oodles.
Glasses: (Yummy) Leigh Frames – White by Polyester Partridge.
Necklace one: Cae :: Charmed :: Necklace :: Collection by Caelan Hancroft.
Necklace two: {mon tissu} Oui Necklace – Gold by Anouk Spot.
Ring one: Cae :: Timeless :: Ring by Caelan Hancroft.
Ring two: .trinket. deer silhouette ring – rose gold rare by Gracie Breuer.
Ring three: .Pekka. SeaStar gold ring – Cyan by Kathya Szczepanski.
Hairbow: (TokiD) bow3 lace M by Maya Levane.

All poses seen are from flowey. on the go – part one / C88 by Flutter Memel.
All pictures were taken at the Mayfair Sim, home to Mon Tissu and Celoe.


Open Waters



It would seem like I am rather bloggy lately. Maybe it’s because the panic for upcoming events hasn’t set in yet (very likely actually) Or because I’m feeling artistic and asking for a divorce from Autodesk Maya (DING DING) or because I’m going through stuff in rl (eh, that always happens. Meh). Probably a combination all of three. Who knows.. DUNCURR. Look. Pretty pictures, and pretty looks. I was trying to do a new look today.. it just.. missed with it all

I love this new dress… just.. so flowey. I keep seeing it in all the blogs.. and I’m always like.. NOPE. Saving.. not shopping, and then drop like.. 10k in seconds. So much for saving. Such is the case on the rampage that this little dress started. I really wanted to showcase it, because it’s soooo gorgeous.. so.. I think that’s it.. I’m not in a writie mood. I’m just in a picture mood. Kay? Good.

Hair: (Chemistry) Hair – Tamora (Medium)(Rigged) by Kimberlee Miles
-Glam Affair – Sylvia   by Aida Ewing
Dress: *LpD* – *Tune* Dress White by Nevery
Shoes: fri. – Amelia.Heels (Fog) by Darling Monday
Pose: Marukin


let it go_001


So.. I live in Texas. It’s February. Normally, this is our summer. But now. We just had snow. And ice. My tree was trimmed because of ice. Ummm.. the heck is going on? Elsa? Stahhhhp. Really, this is getting out of hand. You won your academy award, you can stop with these shenanigans.

On a different happier side note.. Can we talk about this dress? It’s from the amazing Inex from Peqe, and out now for We <3 RP. I haven’t loved a dress this hard in forever. The rigging is perfect, I feel like a princess, it has a sexy cut in the front, and the back makes me feel like a princess. The fact that it has the same color scheme as frozen, and its name is Frozen…. I can’t help but to think of Elsa, so I had to break down more fab Elsa ness because of it.. JUST LOOK AT THAT TRAIN. I seriously love thrain. I can’t find a flaw in this. Not one. Inex.. my love.. you’re a rockstar, you!


Hair: ^;^CaTwA^;^ Mesh Elsa Hair [5] by Catwa Clip
-Glam Affair – Aria  by Aida Ewing  for The Arcade
Dress: Peqe – Highgarden in Frozen by Inex Hax for We <3 RP
Pose: exposseur- Hey there, Sailor! 4

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It’s a haze.

A-ha! betcha thought I was going to poof and not blog again didn’t ya? ERRRR  Wrong there mister…miss…sea otter.

I’m here to bring you another funky look as per usual. This time show casing some new items for this round of The Arcade Gacha and Oneword(a new event!), both of which will be opening the 1st of March – aka this Saturday(if you’re reading this now.. if you’re in the future. Sorry :X)

This look was really just inspired off the sheer fact that both our lovely Nat and Sash, here at Style Minions, created the items you see in the pictures! The Antigone Dress  from Wimey(Sash) is a beautiful made mesh gown/dress/bodysockthing. The rope/cords around the middle are so delicate looking, and the flow of the skirt is really eye catching. I dare say but I think our resident Style Minion has a bright future ahead in the clothing market. I’m also sporting this adorable satchel from Noodles(Nat) for the arcade. When I saw my sister making this on her platform I nearly jumped out of my seat. It’s too cute, and clearly, Miss Noodle knows what shes doing! Both hair and this precious hat are items you can also snatch up at the Arcade this round.

Pizza – owner of The Arcade, has recently started creating her own mesh items, and I believe the Arcade will be her brand’s big day debut. Keep an eye out for more from her, I think we have a rising star here. (She currently also has an item for sale at the Mingle Sim which is open til the end of February). The little faces on the flowers are enough to make any kawaii lover cry with joy! I had to include it when I put on Fancy Free, from Clawtooth, because it seemed to fit so well onto the side of the gorgeous hair. It is Clawtooth though, do we expect anything less? Afraid not Mr. Bubbles – hair hair hair! This has me pondering of what beauties he will create for Hair Fair this summer! :)

I’m all too in love with all the creations at The Arcade this round, and I hope to have at least one more post with some of the items from some of my favorite creators on the grid at this event ! Stay tune guys, and count down to the Arcade!

  • Skin.tsg. Hope :: A tone :: NoBust :: No Brows :: NT – Soft Body
  • EyesIKON Promise Eyes – Aqua
  • HairClawtooth: Fancy Free – Blinding @ Arcade
  • Makeup: Nox. Ombre Blush [Raspberry] / .tsg. Lip Tinte’ – Vampy T (Light; Tone A&X) / *MY UGLYDOROTHY -Lovely line6 / [Buzz] Lyra Brow – Tintable / [Buzz] Essentials – Royale Liner
  • Dress: .:Wimey:. The Antigone Dress in Teal @ Oneword
  • Bag: Noodles – Meg Satchel Mouse Dot RARE @ Arcade
  • Hat: Pizza’s Farmer’s Market Beret- Flers RARE @ Arcade
  • Scarf: .Olive. the Poor Mr. Fox Furr – Snow Fox
  • Shoes: fri. – Maggie.Heels (Nude)
  • Hands & Feet: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Flat & Bag / Slink AvEnhance Feet High
  • Location: Mayfair

 - Rose <3


Love Is Dead


So… It’s a little late for Valentine’s day. I’m sorry! Just been rather busy and crazy lately! But I did want to make a Valentine post really fast because.. well.. freebies/cheapies! But you’ll have to forgive me because.. to me.. Valentine’s day and this month just.. yeah.. Kind of a bad one. Romance mood.. zero. However, I do look cute in red! And I do like hearts.. and I love Gos shoes.. sooooo…..

First off.. let’s talk about this skin! Newness from Glam Affair. Coming soon for Arcade. I got a sneak peek! I love it! It comes with its own freckles, I looooved freckles 04, the softness they gave to the face, adorable. And then you get moles too, and combination skins.. just.. urgh. Can you say adorable? This is one of my favorite skins ever.. I know this picture is all a la artsy, but.. I’ll probably do another one.. some time whenever.. when you know.. where you can see the actual skin at its best. All I can say is… it’s the most adorable thing ever. Best skin ever. Honestly.

So.. Valentine’s goodies. The shoes are free! FREEEEEEE. By Gos. You have to be in the group to get them, but.. yeah, they’re adorable, they have stockings on them too! I seriously adore the shoes.. best gift ever. And then Maitreya! Maitreya has the adorable dress that they had for Collab last round.. But in red. It doesn’t bring the necklace, I just.. wore one that I had. It has the top of the dress, the lacy part, but.. I decided not to wear it. The dress itself is too gorgeous!

And that about wraps it up for today! Allons-y to the credits!


Hair: Clawtooth: Moonage Daydream – Snow by Bubbles Clawtooth @ Collabor88
-Glam Affair – Aria  by Aida Ewing Coming soon for The Arcade
Necklace: Maitreya Vintage Pearl Necklace by Onyx LeShelle
Dress: Maitreya Vintage Lace Gown & Collar – Red by Onyx LeShelle Special for Group Members!
Shoes: [Gos] Boutique – Carrie Pumps – Valentine by Gospel Voom Free for a limited time for group members
Pose: Marukin – Dairy Dreams by Valencia Southard



Blog to the Future

Well Hi there princess sparkles and sunshine fairies! No? Too much? Thought so…

Hey there guys, looooooong time no see! WOW the last time I did a blog on here was…. I don’t even know! I recently decided to give up my blog site (changing my url over to my store’s blog) and realized that in doing this, I’d no longer have a an actual place to blog – but then it hit me, why not ask our lovely Natalee here if I could come back and blog at Style Minions? Well, since I’m here it’s safe to say she said YES, sooo that means from now on any and all blog posts will be featured sole here.

Let’s jump right on into the post then shall we? This month I got the pleasure of FINALLY, after two long years in SL on a pretty run down, lack luster, terrible for SL and anything really, laptop, I am now the proud owner of a mega fast, super cool, just down right AWESOME, computer! Shadows, zero to none lag – the works. Safe to say this will certainly speed up my work flow, if not my play flow. Arcade is around the corner and both me and Nat were invited back to join in another round – so I SHOULD be working .. But I mean… NEW COMPUTER MAN! That logically means I have to do a blog. Right?

I took some shots in an outfit I put together on the fly, some new hair from Truth, pants from collab between U.F.O. and B.C.C. at – well – Collab88 !  I had to had this cute necklace that Nat made – also for Collb88, this really adorable crop t shirt from  ILLMATIC, and last but not least these sexy nude pumps from Fri.day.

Not the most exciting post – by my normal standards, but definitely one I’m happy about! I can’t wait to start blogging on the regular again. Got some cool space themed posts for the future, so keep an eye out on that! Thanks guys for reading and til next time~

And roll the credits~

  • Skin: .tsg. Hope :: A tone :: NoBust :: Blonde :: NT – Toned Body
  • Eyes: IKON Promise Eyes – Aqua
  • Lashes: (= potcha. mesh eyelash no.002
  • Makeup: (fd) Glitter (Face) / *MY UGLYDOROTHY -Lovely line6
  • Hair: TRUTH HAIR Tyr – Colours
  • Necklace: Noodles – Galaxias Necklace Blue
  • Shirt: ILLMATIC :: Stonewash Cozy Crop – Crisp
  • Pants: u.f.o & B.C.C – point damage vintage denim
  • Shoes: fri. – Maggie.Heels (Nude)
  • Hands & Feet: Slink FEMALE (Av.Enhance) Hands (Flat) and Feet (High)

- Rose <3


Forget Me Not

Forget Me Not

Eek! First post in here. That’s insane! HI! HI NEW READERS! So.. I guess  I should start with a short introduction, yes? I mean, some of you might know me, others I don’t know! SO HI NEW AND OLD PEOPLE. Where to start…. My name in SL is Sash Arabello, I used to have a small blog called the Ramblings of an SL Shopaholic. But then Nat suggested blogging with her, and I was like… umm… what’s better than blogging? BLOGGING WITH ONE OF YOUR BEST FRIENDS! Of course.  So I decided to close up the old blog for now, and just work in here! That way I have someone to collaborate with, and have a lot more fun! I also own a small store in SL called Wimey, you might have heard about it.. I do the nerdy stuff in there. So.. yeah, that’s me! Bit on the nerdy side, ambitious to a fault, and a friend. And a blogger. I forgot to mention that. Wops.

So for today I thought I’d do just a very simple look and accessorize with some of my SL favorites so you could get a sense of my style. I like casual, though sometimes I go for overly classy. It really depends on my mood. I also love glasses in SL, because I find that they represent a part of whom I am in SL. Hair color? Jesus. It changes daily. Sorry. It’s fun to work around your look and have fun with it! And same with skins! There’s so many skin makers in SL, I just can’t make up my mind. Right now I’m really loving both Glam Affair, and Atomic, this is the one from Collabor88, but yeah, those are my main ones, I also use Birdy, and Izzie’s and Belleza as the mood strikes. Really, I just love them all! Too much talent to chose just one for forever. Clothing, some of my favorite stores are Mon Tissu, Maitreya and The Secret Store. Teefy, all those.. yeah.. lack of originality I know. Accessories, of course I have to say Noodles. Nat might hit me. She hits hard fyi. It’s okay tho cus I still love her. And Olive, Yummy, and even though Squint passed, I still do love Donna Flora, it was one of the first stores I went to for jewelry. Sometimes I get overly sad because I know that she won’t ever be coming back to release something new. But.. moving on. As far as poses go.. I love.. !Bang, Del May, Positure which is a new store!, Hopscotch, and those I think are my main ones for single poses.. I feel like i’m forgetting about three but I can’t go back to my inventory. Too much mess.

I tend to ramble too, so I hope you don’t mind. If you do, just hit me over the head. I won’t mind. I’m very excited to be sharing with all of you now! And I look forwards to many many many more blog posts together! And in the spirit of the blog post.. old readers and new alike.. just.. forget me not!




Hair: [monso] My Hair – Elsa/ Regular Pack 1 by Morphine Janick @Collabor88
.Atomic. Skin {Muse} Creme – Supernova – Blonde Brow by Ivy Graves @Collabor88
Freckles and Moles:
 -Glam Affair – Gemma – Freckles 02 with -Glam Affair – Mokatana – Moles 1 by Aida Ewing 
ISON – pegley glasses (amber) by Harry Hyx
 (Yummy) Native Daydream Earrings by Polyester Partridge
(Yummy) Miss Havisham’s Broken Heart by Polyester Partridge
 Maitreya Poise Dress * Acai by Onyx LeShelle 
Maitreya Wool Cardigan * Coal by Onyx LeShelle
[okkbye] Wood Bracelet – LOVE: Dark Wood by Elisaokkbye
Amala – The All Seeing Eye Bracelet – Onyx (Right) by Crystalny
Ring: Donna Flora ARTURO ring R
Hands and Feet: Slink Mousy hands and Medium feet by Siddean Munro

Shoes: fri. – Jet.Heels (Midnight) by Darling Monday @Collabor88
Del May- Ponder by Del May

Home Decor

Couch: Trompe Loeil – Ashdon Couch with Blanket by Cory Edo
LISP – Vine “Vite” Bistro Bar by Pandora Popstart
Dinner Set:
LAQ Decor Dinner Set by Winter DiPrima
Lark – Vino Lover by Sienia Trevellion
Wall Art: 
{what next} Home is Where Collage Prints (natural) by Winter Thorn
PILOT – Bridges Bar Cart by Kaz Nayar
LISP – Mesh Blinds Narrow Long – White by Jazzmonkey
Entry Table: 

Entry Key Holder:
 .:Wimey:. Take This Key Holder by Sash Arabello
Home: fri.home – entry ensemble by Darling Monday


A Breath of Autumn

Hi blog world, it’s been awhile. A lot of things have happened in RL unfortunately I haven’t been able to blog since the ending of DisneyBound challenge. I’m hoping to improve that in the few months but towards the holidays it always gets a bit busy and tricky but here’s to trying! To explain where I’ve been? Finally moved out and into my own house! Settling in has been a challenge but I’m getting there! And with quite a few events that I’ve had for my store, Noodles and moving onto a new sim I finally found time to blog!

I’ve moved to the beautiful Neva River sim and I have to say I’m quite happy here! Neva and Boo are extremely sweet and the land is of course beautiful. It’s nice to sit on my desk and listen to music and just relax or chat with friends. I think I found my SL sanctuary actually. I’ve learned a lot of new tricks thanks to the wonderful Anya Ohmai with mesh and texturing and I’m really excited to start using them, even some painting skills which I tried to use in this blog!

The blog, let’s talk about the important stuff yes? I was browsing through Flickr a few weeks ago and I came across a really nice picture advertising a new hair store. Deciding to check it out, because I’m pretty sure everyone knows how obsessed with hair I am, I’m really happy with the hairs they had to offer! Some really cute styles and very different from current hairstyles out there. I was a big fan of the reds and in this picture you can see the Clair Hair in the Ajado tone. These hairs are all rigged mesh and definitely worth a stop by and a demo!

LaRoo and ColdLogic have had so many cute releases lately and I finally had time to pair them. ColdLogic’s Zane dress shown here in slate is a cute dress for fall that I paired with LaRoo’s Emily Sock Wedges, also in black. I have to say I put together this outfit really easy and I think I’m pretty happy with it! I’m also pretty excited because I had an idea for a pose in my head and just couldn’t find it so I decided to make it myself! Granted it may not be perfect but I’m proud I was able to open up DAZ Studio and try it out! It wasn’t too terrible but I have an all new appreciation for pose makers that’s for sure. Anyways, hope you are all having a wonderful Fall!

-Glam Affair – Neva skin – Europa 03 D NEW
HAIR; [Castellian] Clair Hair – Ajado NEW
EYELIDS; Slink Mesh eyelids (solid) (photo prop)
HANDS; Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Splayed – Small

NECKLACE 1; .Olive. the Folded Golden Paper Letter Necklace – N
NECKLACE 2; Noodles – Mr. Frankenstein Necklace

DRESS; coldLogic dress – zane.slate (S) NEW
TIGHTS; -tb- Plain Black Tights
SHOES; (LaRoo) Emily Sock Wedges (black) NEW

POSE; Made by me! (Not for sale!)


SL Disney Bound - Mr. Walt Disney ; ONE

I can’t believe that today marks the last day of this challenge. 26 Weeks ago I started a challenge before leaving for Disney World and I can’t believe 26 weeks later, half the year gone here we are. I know I’ve been doing characters this entire challenge but since the second week of this challenge I knew who I wanted to use for the last week. As they say, save the best for last. While Walt Disney may not be classified as a “Character” I’ll argue that he is only the biggest most important character. He’s the creator, the genius behind everything that I love today and so for our final week of The SL DisneyBound Blogger Challenge it is my greatest pleasure to introduce to you, Walt Disney.

I’m going to apologize for this entry because it’s going to be long. When I was a kid and pretty much for as long as I can remember, Disney was a household name in my house. It was something I grew up with, loved for as long as I can remember. My parents love Disney, my grandparents, it’s something that just runs in my family. Vacations? To the beach, a cruise, nah let’s go to Disney World! I cannot simply imagine my life with out Disney being an every day part of it. I can honestly say there is no place where I am happier, more carefree and have some of the greatest memories of my life. I grew up in Disney World, my fiancé proposed to me in front of Cinderella’s Castle! My greatest memories will always revolve around it, it truly is a magical place.

Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world. – Walt Disney

Nothing will ever be completed in life, the world evolves, it grows, it moves on and spins. The imagination is the greatest gift that we receive in life and it’s up to us to use it. I can sit here all day and tell you literally how much Walt Disney means to me. For me he is my hero, my mentor, he’s someone that I look up to. For a man that struggle in his youth and even as an adult and to come up on top today. Even years after his death he still continues to leave an impression. He still carries a legacy, a beautiful legacy that will be loved by children and adults alike for as long as there is imagination left in the world. The thing I learned from Walt, if you have a dream to NEVER give up on it. It IS achievable and you may try a few times, fail but continue trying because eventually it’s going to work. All the trying that you did, it’s going to show and you will have something to show for it.

I just want to end this by saying, thank you Walt. Thank you for giving me one of the greatest childhoods I could have ever asked for. For allowing me to feel emotions through your animation and stories from happiness to sadness. For growing up knowing that one day I could become something if I dreamed it, if I tried hard enough and never gave up. My only regret in life is that I will never get to meet you myself in this life but hopefully in another. Thank you for the legacy and for telling us to never stop dreaming. And like every good Disney moment always ends in song…

Like a bolt out of the blue
Fate steps in and sees you through
When you wish upon a star
Your dreams come true.

SL Disney Bound - Mr. Walt Disney ; TWO

[PF] Harley – Lid 03 – (ultraltbrow – A)
EYES; IKON Ascension Eyes – Hazel (S)
HAIR; TRUTH HAIR Kimbra – LightBlondes01

BLASER; The Secret Store – Structured Blazer – Worsted Wool – XS
TIE; King : Suit – Necktie 2 (Black)
TOP; Schadenfreude White Oxford, tidy tails
PANTS; [celoe.lolong.trousers.tapa.S]
SHOES; Leverocci – Glossy Brogues_Black

POSES; Marukin


Ding Dong the Bitch is Dead

Ding Dong the Bitch is Dead ; ONE

I have… a problem. Call it a jealousy problem, maybe a little bit of a obsession, or maybe I just down right enjoy watching people… suffer. I know all, I know your every move, the coffee you got before you ate your bagel at breakfast. Even when you don’t think I’m watching, I’m always there. Every single breath you take, documented and videoed. Every last step you take, person you press your lips to; photographed. You don’t know who I am, but I know who you are. I’ve always known. Always.

The glistening blonde hair of the girl rustled softly in the howling wind of the dark city street. There she was, her favorite to watch. The short brunette in the coffee shop, that one that was cheating on her boyfriend with a married older man. Oh that little liar, she could watch her for hours and predict every move she was making as if it was a script. The knife trickled in her hand, rolling it as the blade caught the moonlight glistening for a moment. The red coat moved towards the middle of the street, the plastic of her mask gleaming under the streetlight as she watched the small brunette toss her hair at the older man. He fell for it, every move of her, oh predictable of an old bastard.

Her hazel hue rolled backwards as she stepped back against the gate, the knife clanging against the wrought iron railing of the gate of the church. Clang, bang, click, swoosh. The sounds heard in the distance as the knife made impact with the metal. A raven cawed in the distance as the storm clouds started to settle overhead. It was like a perfect picture out of a horror movie. Only, it was too perfect.

Movement. The hazel eyes glanced back at the coffee shop window as the brunette got up from the table to leave her older man toy behind, of course sticking him with the bill. She watched as she exited the shop, red coat not far behind her on her heels. She turned entering the path towards the rustling trees, the path that lead to the brunettes house, following silently behind her trail. Bringing the knife behind her back, Red Coat took a deep breath, a menacing smile crossing her lips under her always smiling mask.

Ping. The brunette’s phone sounded as she stopped dead in her tracks to pick up the phone that lit up with the sounds of a message. Red Coat neared the girl, walking just up behind her. Quickly, an arm swooped around her neck the blade at her throat with her free hand as she leaned in towards the girl’s ear. The knife ready to slash her throat at her final words. A quiet malicious voice sounded in the brunettes ear. “So, can you keep a secret?” The raven cawed one more time as the brunette fell to the ground and Red Coat disappearing into the shadows. Another down.

Ding Dong the Bitch is Dead ; TWO

I seriously love The Writer’s Block. This is for Chapter 2 Event!

[PF] Harley – Lid 03 – (ultraltbrow – A)
EYES; IKON Ascension Eyes – Hazel (S)
HAIR; [. Liquence . - F3 in Natural Fades
HANDS; Slink Mesh Hands (av) Casual S

MASK; DECO - MESH Hers Femme Personality Mask
NECKLACE; .Olive. the Folded Golden Paper Letter Necklace - N
KNIFE; Blah. (My Butcher Knife Bloody Red)

COAT; [celoe.maru.coat.blood.S]
SHORTS; {mon tissu} Hanalei Shorts (S) ~ Black
TIGHTS; -tb- Plain Black Tights
BOOTS; {mon tissu} Provence Riding Boots / Black

POSES; Marukin