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SL Disney Bound – Week Twenty Four: Mushu


SL Disney Bound - Mushu

It’s week 24 (and we’re caught up!) Mushu was the lovable dragon from Mulan voiced by one of my favorite comedians! I really love the way this outfit came out and I’m so excited about it! I can’t believe there’s only TWO weeks left and I have two special characters lined up for the last two weeks! I look forward to seeing you Mushu blogs! (Sorry this is posted so late! I’m going a bit crazy with my SL store and a few things in RL thank you guys for being so understanding!)

[PF] Harley – Lid 03 – (ultraltbrow – A)
EYES; IKON Ascension Eyes – Hazel (S)
HAIR; TRUTH HAIR Lyma – LightBlondes01
HANDS; Slink Mesh Hands (av) Casual S

EARRINGS; EarthStones Icicle Earring – Crystal Ice
NECKLACE; EarthStones Power Crystal – Hers – Moonstone
RING; (Yummy) Crystal Cluster Ring – Quartz

SHIRT; Tee*fy Bella Ruffles Camisole One Layer Passion XS
VEST; Tee*fy Basic Simple Vest Yellow – M
SHORTS; Tee*fy Heather Ruffles High-Waist Shorts Passion XS
FLATS; {mon tissu} Favorite Leather Flats ~ Yellow

POSE; Marukin

SL Disney Bound – Week Twenty Three: Carl & Ellie


SL Disney Bound - Carl & Ellie ; ONE

Finally Week 23 is up and posted! I stole Luke for this blog and how cute are we?! Up is one of my FAVORITE Disney and Pixar movies and I absolutely love the romance between Carl and Ellie in the first 8 minutes of the movie. If you haven’t seen it yet you will get emotionally attached to this characters so quickly as you watch the story of their life progress in the very beginning few minutes of the movies, tears are definitely going to happen!

Have fun with this one and show your twist on my favorite Up characters Ellie and Carl! Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!

SL Disney Bound - Carl & Ellie ; TWO

HAIR; TRUTH HAIR Chilali – LightBlondes01
SKIN; [PF] Harley – Lid 03 – (ultraltbrow – A)
EYES; IKON Ascension Eyes – Hazel (S)
HANDS; Slink Mesh Hands (av) Casual S
FEET; Slink Mesh Feet (Av) Flat S

BOW; Noodles – Take An Adventure Bow
BRACELET; Noodles – Fairy Tale Charm Bracelet Gold

TOP; {mon tissu} Collared Shirt (XS) ~ Floral
OVERALLS; [monso] My Overall – Dark Blue

POSE; Marukin

HAIR; *Dura-Boy23*(Dark Brown)
SKIN; Fruk Bennett
EYES; IKON Ardent Eyes – Clarity

GLASSES; {mon tissu} Four Corners Readers ~ Black

TOP; ISPACHI Mesh [Mason] Full Ensemble
SHORTS; [UD] – Corbin Shorts – Brown – Mesh (Bag)
SHOES; UBU PornStar Lo-Tops

POSE; Marukin

GROUP POSE; GLITTERATI and Cheeky Pea – To the clouds

SL Disney Bound – Week Twenty Two: Cinderella & Gus Gus


SL Disney Bound - Cinderella & Gus Gus

Hey DisneyBounders! I’m so sorry I got so behind on the announcements on this challenge! I’ve had a CRAZY real life! I actually met my co-writer JIM in RL two weeks ago! It was super exciting for us and such an AWESOME time! In addition to meeting her I was very very lucky to be able to attend the D23 Expo at last minute. For those of you who are unaware what that is it’s a Disney Expo and they talked about all the new things coming out in the coming years! Lots of exciting things that I got to see and so many fun things to do!

Anyways back to DisneyBound we are SO close to being to the end! It’s hard to believe! For Week 22 I wanted to get two more pairs out before the last two so here is Cinderella and Gus Gus! Gus Gus is my FAVORITE sidekick mouse so of course I asked my new Noodles CSR Darla to help me out! How adorable is she? I can’t wait to see your Cinderella and Gus Gus looks!

[PF] Harley – Lid 03 – (ultraltbrow – A)
EYES; IKON Ascension Eyes – Hazel (S)
HAIR; ::Exile:: Break Away:Vanilla
HANDS; Slink Mesh Hands (av) Casual S

EARRINGS; (Yummy) Pearl Earring
NECKLACE; Noodles – Magical Coach Necklace
CHOKER; *BOOM* Precious Bow Choker (neck) pitch
BRACELET; Noodles – Fairy Tale Charm Bracelet Gold

TOP; Tee*fy Milena Ruffle Blouse Short Sky S
PANTS; {mon tissu} Hanalei Shorts (S) ~ Blue
SHOES; Leverocci – Knox Wedges_Icy Silver

POSE; Marukin

Don’t have info, sorry!
EYES; Don’t have info, sorry!
HAIR; Elikatira, Frost in Brown 08.

BAG; Tee*fy, Leather Bag.
NECKLACE; Cae, Love Letters Necklace.
BRACELET; Noodles, Fairy Tales Bracelet Part II.

CARDIGAN; Inner Peace, Mix n’ Match Cardigan in Lemon.
TOP; Little Closet, Basic T-shirt in Cream.
TIGHTS; Dream Doll, Tights in Brown. (IM Giselle Melune to purchase.)
SHOES; Gos, Amelia Aviator Boots in Chocolate.

POSE; Marukin

Challenge Yourself: Be Thankful & Improve.


Be Thankful for Life.

Unfortunate events sometimes have to happen for us to open our eyes. On August 5, 2013, one of my friends and a very close friend and family to quite a few of my friends; Millie Gears passed away unexpectedly. It has taken our small second life community in shock and we grieve for her, miss her and continue to carry her with us in our hearts. It is with a heavy heart that I even write this right now and if there is one thing I can say about Millie is she was inspiring. She always had something hilarious and sarcastic to say. She was never afraid to call us out on things and she was as loyal as any friend comes. In many ways, Millie will be with us and the reaction on plurk has been both touching and awe inspiring that we can come together as a community and push past anything that has happened and focus on the one thing that matters, the passing of a wonderful person that left our world way too soon.

In retrospect to that; I present you this challenge. Challenge Yourself. In honor of Millie Gears. She reminds us of one thing, that we should be thankful. Thankful for something no matter how big or small it may seem. Something that keeps us turning, living, breathing. To be thankful and to improve on our faults. We all have one, we all recognize something that is wrong with us and tonight I was made very aware of a big one I have. This is something I’m going to try to do every month for a year, something to be thankful for, progress of the thing you wanted to improve on. Every month on the 5th I will try to post this and I hope that you, in celebration of Millie Gear’s life joins me in this. It’s easy to focus on this now this month because it’s fresh and new. It’s the months that progress that things start to fall back into a routine and it’s up to us to not let it be a routine anymore. It’s up to us to remember, to be thankful and humble and improve.

Thankful. I am thankful for life. I am thankful for every day that I wake up, I take a breath, I speak to someone I truly love and care about. I am thankful that I can be here with such wonderful people and surround myself with beauty and positivity. It’s easy sometimes to let ourselves go into the negative and to focus on it. It’s a real challenge to remember that there is a light, a positive to every negative. I am thankful for life and for every day past, present and future that is presented to me. My picture the golden orb represents life that glows and lives through us. Our tears and our grieving for a lost friend in respect for them.

Improving. I have always been a person that is really bad with communication. When I meet new friends, I tend to sometimes forget to check in on my old ones, the ones that have been there all along. I’ve recently done this to three people that I really care about. Three people who have been there through every roller coaster, sad, happiness, every time that I needed them they have been there. It’s easy to get excited and lost into friends, something new and shiny. I vow to be better at communicating, to not forget, to check in to be there and to keep to my promises. It’s not something that I will be able to fix in a month, two months, it’s something that’s going to be a constant battle but I will try my hardest to keep to my word. To be mindful of other’s feelings and to take a moment to think; is this selfish? Is there something I’m missing? Am I assuming? Assumption is a lot of our problem, never assume. From personal experience it never leads to anything good. Be better, strive to be better, to improve and I promise to do just that. Keep moving forward.

One of my very good friends Peyton posted something inspiring on his Plurk today:
Good morning all.. I know I haven’t been the best friend, brother, uncle, cousin, god kid, god brother, son, father, or whatever else I am to you. I haven’t been the person you deserve and after yesterday I vow to try to do better.. To be more open, to talk to all my friends, new and old..

Life is too short to be alone.. You never know when it could end and.. And I want to be a better person like the one I should be to you..
I want you all to do the same.. Talk to your old friends, make new friends, patch up old friendships, and stop fighting about petty drama and bullshit… If we can learn anything from the passing of our dear friend let it be that.. Just be a great friend like Millie was to all of us. There’s no need to hate any one in our community..

You may have had issues in the past, but you also had good times, and if the person ever leaves you’ll be kicking yourself you couldn’t have became friends again, or forgave each other.. We’re a strong and close community, let’s keep it that way and become stronger through this. I love you all. If I haven’t said it recently to you I’m sorry, I love you too. Please, let’s try to turn this into a positive thing.. I want everyone that reads this to reach out to someone that they haven’t in a while ..

If you talk to all your friends, try to make a new one or fix up a broken one.. Thank you for listening.

And he is right, every word. Forget about the pettiness, look past it, life is too short to be filled with so much hate. Forgiveness makes us better people, it makes us human. We take the silliest things for granted, make the biggest deal out of the smallest things but it’s one time something happens that we realize how selfish we are as human beings and how we truly don’t cherish what has been in front of us this entire time.

I read one more inspiring thing on plurk, the most true words that I will never forget. Memories of people, they live through another. Delaney will be that person to us, that person that reminds us of Millie’s laughter, her silly jokes for everything that Millie was, we live through her memory by Delaney’s constant reminder. I’m sorry for everyone who was close to her, who loved her as much as I did and I’m sorry for her family, for Delaney, for Abby, for everyone. I love you all and I’m so thankful to know you and have known Millie. May she live on through her hearts, tears and laughter and may her memory fill us with the joy as her presence did.

Feel free to add your pictures to the Flickr group I created for this challenge: Challenge Yourself: Be Thankful & Improve

[PF] Harley – Lid 03 – (ultraltbrow – A) NEW
EYELIDS; Slink Mesh eyelids (solid) (photo prop)
HANDS; Slink Mesh Hands (av) Casual S
HAIR; ::Exile:: Beyond the Waves:Bleach

DRESS; [Cynful] The ‘Shimmy’ Dress S NEW @ COLLABOR88
POSE; Made by Meg Charming from Heirloom Poses. (Thank you ♥)

SL Disney Bound – Week Twenty One: Rapunzel


SL Disney Bound - Rapunzel ; ONE

Week Twenty One! We are a few weeks shy of our final week! Can you believe we are in the home stretch? When I saw Tangled for the first time it creeped into my heart fast as one of my favorites. The songs, the scenes, the characters, everything just absolutely perfect. So for this week we have Rapunzel! Probably my most favorite scene of ALL time is “I See The Light” I’m combining today’s DisneyBound Challenge with a new challenge called “The Writer’s Block” which I’m really excited about. I figured a way to be able to combine both of these challenges for this week. To read more about The Writer’s Block click here! Here’s some RL inspiration for Rapunzel

I can’t wait to see your Rapunzel looks and now for my short story. ♥ Hope you all like it!

SL Disney Bound - Rapunzel ; TWO

The floating lights, stars in the sky, colors beyond imagination filling the sky in all it’s beauty. Her head was always in the clouds. Why would you ever live for reality when the imagination was so much more desirable.

Her eyelids shut over her hazel eyes, as she took a deep breath she allowed herself to escape. Escape from the world where pain existed inside her head to a world of beauty beyond compare. Breathe. In and out slowly through her nose and out her mouth and there, there it was it started to appear. The night sky expanding for miles upon miles to endless space. A grass field, her hair long flowing and blonde braided and laced with the most beautiful flowers. A deep breath, her eyes fluttered open slowly and there they were, the floating lights. The beauty that she could only ever see in her dreams. She reached her hand up slowly towards one of the lanterns lifting it into the sky, a smile on her face as the light lit her face in the night’s darkness.

At last, she saw the light and it’s like the fog has lifted. Her chest rose and caved slowly with each calming breath as the floating lights filled her vision. Music started to fill her ears, the wind grasping through her hair and the grass rustling along with it. Then snap. She woke up, a day dream, a lovely dream. “It’s only a fairy tale.” The words escaped her lips in a mumbled short breath as her hazel eyes brought her back to reality in her own bed. If only to escape to a dreamland where her head was always in the clouds.

The end.

[PF] Harley – Lid 03 – (ultraltbrow – A NEW
EYES; IKON Ascension Eyes – Hazel (S)
HAIR; [LeLutka]-RAPUNZEL hair – Marilyn
HANDS; Slink Mesh Hands (av) Casual XXS w. Pink Fuel Skin Appliers

DRESS; ::BB:: Calypso Tank Dress XS (GRAPE) NEW
FLOWERS; Noodles – Lotus Flower Hair Clips

POSE; Made by Darla ♥ Thank you!

Once Upon a Midnight Summer Dream…


Once Upon a Midnight Summer Dream...

Can you believe that the end of Collabor88 already draws near? I was really in love with this theme Midnight Summer Dream ♥. Everything that was made was so romantic and beautiful and the designers of Collabor88 really, like always took this event to another level. If you know anything about me I’m a HUGE fairy tale buff and romantic when I want to be so this theme was honestly just perfect for me!

My favorite item probably had to be Mish Mish fairies! Because I mean really how cute are they? Even when you detach them they make you feel plenty guilty about it too! Darn you Aime and our cleverness! Celeste and I really wanted to show a fairy tale romantic side in our picture and probably, to date, this is my favorite picture that Celeste edited of us. I get really excited every time I see designers make shoes from SLINK feet I get super excited! (Mostly because I have awesome feet that match perfectly and I don’t have to tint! How selfish of me haha).

Pilot never ceases to impress either! Kaz did an amazing job on this chandelier with all his ridiculous detailing! I really love the dress from Auxiliary and Tres Blah! They are super cute and can be worn in multiple ways!

Not related to collabor88, Truth has released so many cute hair styles! I really dig the bohemian look of his hair lately and I’m just so in love with this one! Celeste is sporting a newer LeLutka release from Hair Fair! Don’t forget to visit Collab before it closes! Next month is going to be an exciting one, Collabor88 turns TWO! See you then!

SKIN; Essences *CHO skin* ~ Light Rose ~ brunette
MAKE UP; Essences *CHO* Natural Lip~
EYES; IKON Ascension Eyes – Hazel (S)
HAIR; TRUTH HAIR Arianna – Browns05Fade
HANDS; Slink Mesh Hands (av) Casual XXS
FEETS; Slink Mesh Feet (Av Enhance) Medium XS

NECKLACE; Noodles – Metal Leaf Necklace Silver/Green

DRESS; [Aux]Belted Pencil – Xs – Gray
SHOES; *BOOM* Locale Heels (kelly green)

POSE; (marukin) [solstice] summer comes

THESKINSHOP (07) (FACE) ‘Pussy’ (bold)
EYES; IKON Ardent Eyes – Platinum (XS)
HAIR; [LeLutka]-DULCINA hair – Powder

NECKLACE; (Yummy) Midsummer Blossom Necklace – Egg Shell

DRESS; -tb- Frilly Dress (XXS) – Cream
SHOES; [Gos] Sophia Peeptoe – Tan – XS
POSE; KIRIN – Nuria Pose 5

FAIRIES; *MishMish* Lil Fairy – Lokmeth (Green), *MishMish* Lil Fairy – Girosham (Blue), *MishMish* Lil Fairy – Amoriata (Pink)
TREE; fri. – Dreamer’s.Tree (with lights)
LANTERN; MudHoney Sheryl Garden Lantern
CHANDELIER; PILOT – Chandelier [Silver] CAGE; floorplan. caged wisdom
END TABLE; AF Pearl End Table
DECOR; *MishMish* Lil Fairy Deco – Amoriata
CURTAIN; *bbqq*-curtains-A-white

7th Annual Bandana Day


7th Annual Bandana Day

I can’t believe it’s been a year since my last Bandana Day Post. Actually that I’ve been blogging for over a year in general is pretty crazy. I feel bad because I haven’t really gotten to do the Hair Fair coverage that I did last year this year going through as much as I have in the past few weeks, it’s really put my blogging on a downfall. Including my creating time for stores. I think finally things are getting back on track again and I really want to focus on blogging and doing more then just event releases for Noodles, so I’m going to find the time!

It’s the 7th Annual Bandana Day today. I always loved Bandana Day and the meaning behind it. I didn’t have time to write much last year because I was being rushed out of the door, crazy how I can remember it just like yesterday but this year I want to write more. Cancer has affected me a lot in my life with the people I love. I lost my Grandmother and my Aunt to lung cancer and I watched them go through chemo and lose their hair and really loosing your hair is such a horrifying experience. I can speak personally from this too because since I hard my surgery in January my hair has been really balding to a point that it brings me into a depression. I never actually had really full hair, ever in my life so it’s nice to be able to come into SL and have hair that I always wanted. But for today, I’ll take off my hair and wear a bandana to show my support for those who have lost their hair.

Last year LeLutka was my favorite bandana of choice, this year I had a really tough time! I really wanted to use the Exterminate one from HopScotch or the Minnie one from House of London but I treat this blog post very seriously because it means a lot to me and it hits home close to my heart so I chose Ohmai’s which is absolutely beautiful. I really love the pearl detailing and drops of it and I paired it with the Zaara dress and some pearl jewelry from Yummy which was an old Collabor88 item and still some of my favorite jewelry to date. So stop by Hair Fair today and pick up you 50L bandana from your favorite store. The bandana stores are located all over the hair fair sims and are hard to miss!

See you next year at Bandana Day. ♥

Essences – Noodles – Natural (RARE)
EYES; IKON Ascension Eyes – Hazel (S)
HAIRBASE; /Wasabi Pills/ Hairbase – LONG – Chocolate
EYELIDS; Slink Mesh eyelids (alpha) (photo prop)
MAKE UP; {.essences.} Blush: Contour -> Middle Pink
TATTOO; “Jim”-Cunning Tattoo
HANDS; Slink Mesh Hands (av) Casual XS w. Essences Light Rose Appliers

BANDANA; !Ohmai: Hair Fair 2013 Bandana by Anya Ohmai
EARRINGS; (Yummy) Pearl Earring
BRACELET; (Yummy) Pearl Bracelet Chain (R)
PIERCING; -UtopiaH- Monroe Piercing (silver)

DRESS; Zaara : [Mesh] Aamani wrap dress (XXS) *print-sorbet*

POSE; Del May

SL Disney Bound – Week Twenty: Daisy Duck


SL Disney Bound - Daisy Duck

It’s already Week 20! How crazy! (And look at me on top of this post!) I decided to keep with a classic this week! I’m very excited to be able to attend the D23 Expo in RL this year! (Two weeks eeee!) I’ll be Disney Bounding every day in RL for the expo and disneyland and I’ll even FINALLY be meeting my co-writer Celeste in RL! <3! I have a very exciting future, now if I could just heal my present! I do want to mention, I'm sorry I've been so irregular with blogging. I'm going through a lot in SL and my RL that's really impacted me and pushed me uninspired. That I even have managed to get out of bed some days has been a rather big challenge. I'm trying to keep with Meet the Robinsons and Keep Moving Forward, but in time when I'm ready. Hope you all have a magical week!

Essences – Noodles – Natural (RARE)
EYES; IKON Ascension Eyes – Hazel (S)
HAIR; TRUTH HAIR Mina – Browns05Fade NEW
HANDS; Slink Mesh Hands (av) Casual XXS w. Essences Light Rose Appliers
FEET; Slink Mesh Feet (Av Enhance) Medium XS w. Essences Light Rose Appliers

BOW; Noodles – Girly Duck Bow
NECKLACE; (Yummy) Michelle Pearls (1 Strand)

BLAZER; Belgravia – Formal Blazer – S – Plum
TOP; DeeTalez – cotton lace shirt white
SHORTS; erratic / briony – shorts / white (S)
SHOES; Leverocci – Suede Curved Wedges_Pink

POSE; Dfo!

SL Disney Bound – Week Nineteen: Aurora


SL DisneyBound - Aurora

So Sash has been begging me for weeks to do something Sleeping Beauty so FINALLY she can get off my back (just kidding love you Sash!) and here’s Aurora! Now in Sleeping Beauty Aurora had two dresses. Pink & Blue which the fairies kept switching on her. I decided to wear the pink version of the dress (because I totally heart pink) but if you want to do the blue version go for it! Or hey if you are feeling REALLY adventurous do both! This is your chance to get creative! I can’t wait to see your interpretations!

Essences – Noodles – Natural (RARE)
EYES; IKON Ascension Eyes – Hazel (S)
HAIR; [LeLutka]-AURORA hair – Bournville

BRACELET; Noodles – Fairy Tale Bracelet Part II Gold

TSHIRT; erratic / mindy – tshirt / plain pink (XXS)
SHORTS; erratic / briony – shorts / hotpink (S)
TIGHTS; -paper.doll- Tights: White
SHOES; fri. – Basic.Flats (Pink)

POSE; oOo Studio

SL Disney Bound – Week Eighteen: Alice


SL DisneyBound - Alice

I’m sorry I’ve been so busy lately and I’m SO sorry that I missed last week completely! A little reason why. I was VERY luck to be a counselor at Camp Hardknock for Summer 2013. A lot of things changed in my SLife for the better and I couldn’t honestly be happier! I’ll be doing a whole entry about it and posting a few pictures that I was able to take! Unfortunately because of this I didn’t have any spare time even for DisneyBound (Sorry DisneyBounders I so love you tho!) But for this week to make up for that we’re going to do TWO!

For last week I bring you Alice! Because everyone deserves to celebrate their unbirthday! I can’t wait to see how you guys turn this out! I always loved Alice for her curiosity and for her very good advice (which she seldom followed).

See you in a few minutes when I post this weeks!

Essences – Noodles – Natural (RARE)
EYES; IKON Ascension Eyes – Hazel (S)
HAIR; [LeLutka]-ALICE hair – Bournville

NECKLACE; [LeLutka]-ALICE necklace

DRESS; [celoe.coco.top/mini.olymp.S] TIGHTS; -paper.doll- Tights: White
SHOES; {mon tissu} Favorite Leather Flats ~ Black

POSE; Marukin

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