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About Rose

SL Name: NamiNaeko Resident
Rez Date: November 25, 2011

About You: I’m a 20 year old living on the edge..of the grid! My real life isn’t anywhere near as refreshing as my SL. I am a student currently trying to save and earn some money to make my way to a big fancy dancy art school. I’ve been  a freebie blogger for almost a year now, and am finally coming into my own. I started my own line of accessories and fashion called .Olive.!  For the moment I stick to doodling on random papers, editing pictures, watching too many youtube videos, and expanding my knowledge and skills in 3D modeling.

How would you describe your Style? Seeing how I really don’t ever find it in myself to stick to one thing, I would say impulsive. From day one I never stuck to the norms that were sl. Most would shudder at the fact that I own flex prims, but I do! I wear bright off the wall colors in almost everything that is in my invi. I like to stick to the basic “hipster” style but I end up adding too much color or not enough hip, so it becomes to mainstream yo.

What is your SL Fashion MUST-HAVE? Tricky tricky question! Well, I’m thinking it’s hair now. Nat has been a great influence on that, the girl is a hair savant. I sometimes scrap a whole outfit if the hair doesn’t fit, It’s a bit crazy I think, but the hair can make or break a look.

Do SL trends have any impact on how you dress? Of course they do, but not in the way you think! I am at the mercy of what the designer puts out. I can wish for this and want that, but unless someone is selling it in sl for a price I can afford, I don’t have much of a choice! I try to stay aware of the trends floating around, and some of them, I steer clear of, others I embrace and mold them into my own. Most of the time though, I take a twist on things.

What is your go-to favorite pair of shoes? The CG heels from [Whatever]. They are these bootie heels. I love them! I also will grab my *GF* Alex shoes just because they are a more classic pair of heels and they can be used for many different looks.

What Designer NEVER lets you down with any New Release? Oh nose. I don’t know! I think it would have to be a tie between Anya Ohmai and her sister SuebeetleBones. They both are some of the best mesh creators out there. With clothing and accessories they both never, ever fail to amaze me. When ever I start to wonder “hmm when are they going to release something el-OMG THEY CAME OUT WITH SOMETHING” there sure enough is something new and exciting from them!

What is your favorite and least favorite color to wear? All thee above. I’m a rainbow girl. Any color, anytime, anyplace. I mostly stick to the might, neon, or almost there, colors. I love bright, fades in hair and odd combination in ombres.  Turquoise, mint, and light cyan colors tend to be my favorite to put on though! I tend to shy away from gray clothes most of the time.  It’s too dull for me, and most of the time it reminds me of the backdrop in photoshop and the gray rezzing mess that sl can be at! No no no!

What accessories are you never seen without? It varies, sometimes I don’t feel like accessories, but most of the time it’s either something on my head, like a hat, a frog, a pot, or some kind of ring or necklace. I tend to get attached to one jewelry piece at a time. Right now I’m stuck on this LoveBug necklace from MG. It’s too cute!

What thing in your inventory could you NOT live without? My Dead Apples mesh eyes. I never got what was so great about mesh eyes, until I found Dead Apples. I don’t know what it is about them but they are beautiful to me. Even just the eye layer, without the mesh, is beautiful. The texturing, and some how haunting expression that’s laid in to them is magnificent to me!

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