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SL Name: Celeste Forwzy
Rez Date: April 21, 2007

About You: I’m a 24 year old Californian who is a tad obsessed with all things Harry Potter. If i’m not chilling with my friends or shopping (of course), I’m rping at the Hogwarts:Your Story sim. I’m a terribly shy person by nature, but once you get to know me, I can talk your ear off.

How would you describe your Style? I think my style is more on the elegant poshy side, although that wasn’t the case a couple years ago (would not like to relive those style mistakes.kthx :P). I always like to be in heels, they make pixel legs look fabulous! I usually stick to the same Curio skin, I’m a creature of habit.

What is your SL Fashion MUST-HAVE? Heels, always! I do enjoy me some LeLutka weaves too.

Do SL trends have any impact on how you dress? Of course, but I also like to be a little quirky sometimes.

What is your go-to favorite pair of shoes? G-Field’s Alex heel. They are a must have!

What Designer NEVER lets you down with any New Release? Lelutka! When they release new hair, I always end up buying AT LEAST one of the new styles.

What is your favorite and least favorite color to wear? I like to wear a lot of black and white. I’ve taken to wearing green a lot because I’m a Slytherin at H:YS. Least favorite would have to be yellow. It’s just not my first choice.

What accessories are you never seen without? Lashes. I’m kind of crazy about them.

What thing in your inventory could you NOT live without? My Curio skin. I’m ridiculously attached to it. It fits my shape perfectly. Oh, and my PIDIDDLE cheek definition tattoo layer. It’s always on my face.

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