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Review Policy:

Thank you for considering StyleMinions.com to represent your items through our blog! Please note that all items that we blog are reflections of our personal style and our tastes, that being said we may not blog everything that we receive. We look over all items that we are passed and appreciate you for sending it to us!

Our pictures are processed in photoshop. Though mostly we will shade the avatar body and add a little detailing to hair. If items are highly processed we will mention it in our entry so that there are no misgivings about items that are represented.

Credit for all items used will be mentioned in our entry as far as their store name and item name. We will also try to mention if it is exclusive to an event or the item is new. All blog entries will be mentioned on our personal flickr and plurk accounts as well as our blog.

If you wish to send us items please feel free to pass us a notecard with all information you feel is important and would like to be featured. Thank you for your consideration!

Natalee Oodles, naminaeko Resident & Sash Arabello

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