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September 2012

All We Know is Falling


All We Know Is Falling

So luck me, as soon as I start my 30 day challenge I get sick! But the it thankfully didn’t stop me from blogging today! Hopefully tomorrow I’ll feel better! But because I’m sick I’m anxious to get back to bed and so this will be a short entry!

I’m back in my Slytherin phase (not that I was ever out of it) these days! This Hallows Necklace made by my friend Rose for her store Olive is my favorite! She also made it in addition to house colors in different metals and stones as well! The options on this necklace are ridiculous you could literally match it with every outfit and never have to take it off! Speaking of accessories I’ve been dying for these cat ears from LaGyo how cute are they!?

I’m totally in love with these pants and this top fro ColdLogic! The wrinkle detail in the mesh is to die for! IT has really nice textured details (like always) that makes it really look like cloth. I’ve always been impressed with ColdLogic’s attention to detail and it’s what really sets them apart from a lot of stores.

Okay well I need to get back to bed! See you tomorrow!

the body co. Ivy (02 Ivory) brown brows
EYES; Insufferable Dastard .ID. Mirror / Mesh Eyes / Green
HAIR; >TRUTH< Rory w/Roots - swedish NEW
NAILS; [croire] ombre nails (morning dew)

BRACELET; (L) Silver Metal [MANDALA]UTAMARO bracelet/female/Sumi Black
WATCH; mijn.botique accessories *minimal studded clock* silver
NECKLACE; Olive – .deadliest of hallows. ::Hogwarts Pack (chest)
HEADBAND; LaGyo_Catty headbend (texturechange) for TDR

ROMPER; coldLogic top – jansen.coal (XXS) (B)
PANTS; coldLogic trouser – simmonds.clover (XXS – cuff1)
SHOES; {mon tissu} Favorite Leather Flats ~ Black

POSE; Olive Juice

A Change of Pace


A Change of Pace

I’d like to first introduce you to one of my long time friends Lucie Bluebird! She owns Embody Poses, runs an awesome event named Lazy Sunday, has her own blog which you should totally check out here and is one of the nicest and most caring person I have ever met in my life. I’ve been dying to blog with a few of my friends and with my new challenge I’m giving myself now seems like the perfect time!

For this challenge, I’m challenging myself to blog EVERYDAY for 30 days! It’s going to be hard and I know I’ve tried this before but this time I’m going to stick it through! I invite any other bloggers to join me in this challenge, I personally will be starting today! I’m excited to really see if I can fill this out because I will definitely be proud if I can!

ColdLogic has released a ton of fall goodies recently and we all know how ready I am for fall! I’ve redone my entire sim to be a fall theme and I’m absolutely in love! I’m rarely on my platform these days! Lucie was so perfect for this blog because she has an amazing obsession with having to own EVERYTHING ColdLogic! Hehe, I knew when I wanted to blog some of their new releases she would be the perfect friend for the job! We had a lot of laughs picking out poses, styling (and me taking forever by the way!) but I totally love this picture of us! The pose is called ‘Friendship’ which is for sale at her shop Embody! It’s the perfect pose for us! I really love the ambrose dress from ColdLogic, especially that it comes with just the dress option and the paired coat and dress! When designers give options like these to layer it makes me super happy! ColdLogic is absolutely wonderful for giving tons of options!

Btw the way, Fennux is finally in it’s beta stages! If you were wondering what those cute little creatures next to us are, they are Fennux which are modeled after Fennec Foxes and they are textured by another awesome friend of mine Katharine McGinnis! I’m really excited to play with these guys, so far they have really awesome features and I feel like they are definitely going to be the next greatest breedable! You should check them out if you haven’t already!

Truth has been releasing more hair lately that I’m absolutely in LOVE with. On myself I’m wearing Guinevere which features these really amazing spinned curls and it’s just so pretty I’m in love! ♥ Guess I’ll see you guys tomorrow!

the body co. Ivy (02 Ivory) brown brows
HAIR; >TRUTH< Guinevere w/Roots - swedish NEW
EYES; .ID. Mirror / Mesh Eyes / Green

EARRINGS; bellballs essentials- Spiked Edge Hoop Earrings Silver
NECKLACE; (Yummy)Tiffany Pearls ( Long 1 Strand) NEW AT COLLABOR88
SCARF; -tb- Tres Blah – Wrapped Scarf – Galaxy NEW AT THE ARCADE

DRESS; coldLogic dress – ambrose.currant (XXS)
LEGGINGS; .:cheeky:. long Jeans leggings! Blue
SHOES; ANEXX_TasselSuedeBooties_Black

Al Vulo – Georgie Custard – Peacock
HAIR; Truth – Kara – Sangria w/roots
EYES; IKON – Utopia – Deep Wood

NECKLACE; Noodles – Eliana – Mood Coming Soon to MarketPlace
NAILS; Izzie’s – Metallic

TOP; coldLogic – naples.blue
SKIRT; coldLogic – buckley.coal
TIGHTS; JANE – lil piggies.fuzzy tights – marine
SHOES; Gos – Amelia – Worn

POSE; Embody – Friendship

Mon Tissu Blogger Search Entry – Natalee Oodles


Mon Tissu Blogger Search Entry - Natalee Oodles

So I figured, why not I would give this a try! I have always loved Mon Tissu, it is one of my favorite stores in SL and you can’t win if you don’t try right?!

Stepping outside in the morning, you feel that crisp wave of air. In the distance you see the leaves that were once green, how an array of oranges and red, falling from the place that it resided all summer, the branches. Autumn, my absolute favorite season. Why Autumn you might wonder? I absolutely love layering my clothing, let it be in real life or second life, layering is a way to be original, stay warm and just look totally fabulous.

I love pairing leggings or stockings with shorts. It’s a great way to get just a few more months out of those totally amazing shorts you bought over the summer. My favorite purchase of shorts over the summer? The Hanalei shorts, shown here in black, from Mon Tissu. I literally have been wearing these for days, weeks and months. They go with everything, they are textured and rigged to an incredible standard and, in my opinion, are absolutely perfect. They offer a great pop of color or a great standard short.

I also have a deep obsession with flat boots. Don’t get me wrong, I love heels too, but these boots, the Heathrow Boots, shown here in black, are the perfect autumn shoe for your avatar! They pretty much go with everything and can be worn with a vast majority of your outfits! The Slouchy Sweatshirt is also another one of my favorites released from Mon Tissu. If you haven’t noticed already I have an obsession with anything ombre and the pink ombre tone of this sweatshirt is cute and offers an adorable girly look dress up your sweatshirts! Isn’t it great when sweatshirts can be cute, comfy and stylish?

Have you found your favorite autumn must have yet?

the body co. Ivy (02 Ivory) brown brows
EYES; .ID. (Insufferable Dasdard) Mirror / Mesh Eyes / Green
FRECKLES; ::dUTCH tOUCH:: AddOns – Moles and Xtra Freckles (face)
BLUSH; PIDIDDLE – CheekDefinition – Diamond Cutter // PaleToFair
LIPS; [Ill] Illusory – Love Lips – Iced Latte
EYE MAKE UP; Diva: Ice Frappe – eyeshadow 7 }{ Deesse’s Skins
EYELASHES; ::BB:: (Beetlebones) Mesh Lashes V.01 (Starstruck black)
NAILS; [croire] ombre nails (neapolitan)
HAIR; !lamb. Adore (Mesh) – Milkshake

SUNGLASSES; {mon tissu} Harlow Sunglasses / Solid Lens ~ Black
TOP; {mon tissu} Slouchy Sweatshirt (XXS) ~ Pink Ombre
SCARF; {mon tissu} Skinny Scarf (L) ~ Black
SHORTS; {mon tissu} Hanalei Shorts (XXS) ~ Black
LEGGINGS; {mon tissu} Favorite Wool Tights ~ Gray
BOOTS; {mon tissu} Heathrow Boots / *Wear* Rigged Mesh ~ Black

BRACELET; [celoe.dara.bracelet.light] CUFF; (R) Silver Metal [MANDALA]UTAMARO bracelet/female/sumi Black

POSE; [croire] corner gaze

Younger now than we were before


Younger now than we were before ; ONE

I’m SO excited! The Arcade FINALLY opens tonight at MIDNIGHT SLT! Are you so excited and ready?! The event is even more jam packed with some more awesome prizes! The best part? Check out this Shopping Guide for all the goodies that are going to be available tonight! I first want to introduce you to Archie! The ‘owner’ of The Arcade. Let’s be honest, we’re in love, hehe. Isn’t he just an amazing mascot of the event? You can take your own picture with Archie and he will greet you whenever you get to the pier!

Younger now than we were before ; TWO

The Wrapped Scarf from Tres Blah is rigged mesh and one of my favorite items! If any of you know me I’m a huge book worm and I’ve always wanted a scarf like this in person! I’m in love! Honestly I played this gacha so much that I had to get all the scarves, they are all equally beautiful and I’ll probably not be seen without a scarf for awhile in world. How perfect for the fall!

Truth has been, as usual, unstoppable with releases! I love this one. It’s so hard to find cute curly hair in world and this one was just right up my alley! I feel like it’s super cute and form fitting to my face and I absolutely love side swept bangs. Pink Fuel has also FINALLY! (yay!) released the Kumi skin! It has SO many gorgeous new tones, especially the darker shades. It’s worth definitely a demo and probably you will end up buying it!

Ingenue released some super cute high waisted shorts for Collabor88 that have a very vintage look to them. I love the wide bottom legs of the shorts they are a super cute detail. Tee*fy, has I have mentioned before have some amazing cameras for The Arcade and this camera is my favorite! It’s the rare and it comes with this version that hangs on your neck and one that you hold in your hands, when you click it it makes a shutter sound! So adorable!

Don’t forget, tonight at midnight for The Arcade! For more information check out their website!

[PF] Pink Fuel – Kumi – Smokey Wing (bwnbrow) NEW
EYES; Insufferable Dastard .ID. Mirror / Mesh Eyes / Green
HAIR; >TRUTH< Azrea w/Roots - swedish NEW
NAILS; [croire] ombre nails (sakura)

TOP; -tb- C88 Tucked Tee (XXS) – Faded
SCARF; -tb- Wrapped Scarf – Words
SHORTS; Ingenue :: Hetty :: XXS :: Noir NEW at The Arcade
NECKLACE; MG – Necklace – Candy Love Heart – Long – PINK NEW at The Arcade
BRACELETS; ASO!AlphabetBrace(ALL)Gold & ASO!AlphabetBrace(LOVE)Gold
CAMERA; Tee*fy Vintage Grandpa’s Old Camera (Rare) NEW at The Arcade
TIGHTS; mijn.botique hoserie *flash ombre tights* black&white
SHOES; ::Kookie:: Armarda long / Noir

POSE; Marukin (Marukin Available at Collabor88)

See You’re Rising & You’re Falling


See You're Rising & You're Falling

Some absolutely AMAZING events are here and are COMING!!! I’ve already told you about The Arcade! An awesome wonderful gacha event that starts September 15th! It features absolutely amazing designers and honestly you will want EVERYTHING! I’m so impressed with this event and the quality of items that the designers have to offer! Literally there is everything you can think of! I’ll be covering this event throughout. Trust me, this is not an event you will want to miss! To learn more about The Arcade and their line up of impressive designers, check out their website here!

Collabor88 is back with another impressive lineup! This one called ‘Timeless’ which features another beautiful color palette! The furniture this time around is really awesome (Then again it always is) and I finally got around to redoing my land which I will be featuring in my next entry! I’m so excited to show you guys!

Truth has released another fabulous set of hair! This one called ‘Siri’ (which can I mention I love especially with the keynote about the iPhone 5 today!) This hair is rigged mesh and a sexy over the shoulder look! I’m in love.

Auxiliary is back with another fabulous release for Collabor88! We get a taste of the ‘Love’ skin and the Mullet Tops! The Mullet Tops I have to say are really impressive! Not only are they a totally cute original style, the inside is fully lined and have an awesome texture! I love this one shown in White which if you look on the side features a pretty sweet rainbow ombre effect on the inside of the top! The skin is just to die for as well! And you really cannot beat the price for such a beautiful skin! My favorite thing about any skin that Ivy creates are the lips. I have to say, she has the best lips in all of second life on any of her skins, they are always a brilliant job well done. Also how could you NOT love these mouse ears! If you know me, you know I’m a HUGE disney fan and these ears are just absolutely perfect! I love the bow and the textures are so beautiful! You can try to win a various set of these at The Arcade this Saturday!

Also from The Arcade, probably one of my favorite items is this camera from Tee*Fy! I haven’t taken it off! It comes with a neck and a shoulder version and the colors are a beautiful color palette of wonderful pastels. The rare is also an amazing vintage camera which I will show in a later entry! [HANDverk] has another release that is perfect! This Serpent Ring is available in a ton of different colors also available at The Arcade! The sculpting and texturing on this ring are amazing! I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I played this machine! Ingenue has created these beautiful mesh flats called Ariane! I love the pointed toe and the bow feature! Start saving your Lindens guys! This event is going to seriously make you broke!

I mentioned that I’m going to be in this event as well! I couldn’t be MORE thrilled and thankful! I’ve created 10 different Disney inspired minimalist art mesh necklaces! They have five princess and five villains and there is also a MYSTERY rare necklace! I won’t spoil what it is you’ll just have to wait and see! It’s super cute and if you’re as huge of a fan as the movie as I am you will love it! I’ll give you a hint. It’s green ;) And no it’s not Harry Potter!

Haut Monde - Fairy Tale Collection For The Arcade

That’s all for now! Hope to see you at The Arcade!

[AUX] Love Skin_Fair (DB) – Timeless (C88 Sept.2012) NEW at Collabor88
EYES; Insufferable Dastard .ID. Mirror / Mesh Eyes / Green
HAIR; >TRUTH< Siri w/Roots - swedish NEW
EARS; [Auxiliary] Gacha_Mouse Ears (Bow) – Black3 NEW at The Arcade
NAILS; [croire] ombre nails (sorbet)

ROMPER; [AUX] Mullet – XXS – White NEW at Collabor88
SHORTS; {mon tissu} Hanalei Shorts (XXS) ~ Mint
NECKLACE; haut.monde – Part of Your World Necklace L NEW at The Arcade
RING; [HANDverk]Serpent Ring.white NEW at The Arcade
CAMERA; Tee*fy Vintage Brownie Camera Shoulder Jellybean NEW at The Arcade
SHOES; Ingenue :: Ariane :: Noir (RARE) NEW at The Arcade

POSE; PDA & Marukin (Marukin Available at Collabor88)

Don’t Let Me Fall


Don't Let Me Fall

I never do this but look at me two blogs today! I first wanted to actually wish a VERY happy RL birthday to the creator of LaGyo Gyorgyna! One of my long time friends Lila is her manager and asked bloggers to make a post on her behalf wearing something that is our favorite! I absolutely, if you couldn’t tell, love LaGyo. It’s the jewelry that I own the most of in SL and not to mention one of the few places that I can find headbands! (Pst, make more please!) My favorite items that they released were from one of my favorite events in SL the Fairy Tale event. I’ve been dying to find a good outfit to wear with this necklace and finally! I figured it out! This necklace is called the ‘Alice Necklace’ and is available in her main store! It’s beautiful and extremely detailed like all of LaGyo’s items. Her attention to detail is one that really stands out for me and makes the reality of her items that much more valuable! Happy Birthday and I definitely look forward to more releases from you in the future! ♥

I decided to play up with color as well in this entry and came across the new ColdLogic romper called Schure shown here in melon! I love the tied sides of the bottom they are such a cute extra detail. This outfit is going to make me miss summer! Truth released this hair called Tristana which sort of reminds me of a straighter version of Belle’s hair from Beauty and the Beast! I love the messy bun on top with the over the shoulder ponytail on the side! This hair is super cute and can be worn either dressed up or casually!

the body co. Ivy (02 Ivory) brown brows
EYES; Insufferable Dastard .ID. Mirror / Mesh Eyes / Green
HAIR; >TRUTH< Tristana - swedish NEW
NAILS; [croire] ombre nails (sakura)

ROMPER: coldLogic romper – schure.melon (XXS) NEW
NECKLACE; LaGyo_Alice necklace
EARRINGS; W&B Whippet & Buck – Brocade Earring BLACK
SHOES; {mon tissu} Openwork Wedges ~ Black

POSE; Marukin & Croire

Our Love is Madness


Our Love is Madness

So literally since the new Muse song Madness has come out I repeat it non stop. It’s like a drug. I’m in love with it! Give it a listen?

There are so many new releases out! My linden balance and I are in trouble! I wish I could blog all day to catch up, actually I might blog a few times today! First off starting with some Truth, Auxiliary and ColdLogic releases!

Love this little ‘poof’ hair from Truth called Carmen, shown here in my favorite color Swedish. Carmen is a rigged mesh hair which shows a tasseled about look! This style reminds me of how I wear my hair in real life! ColdLogic has a TON of new releases out but my favorite is this shirt called Waid shown here in ebony! It’s another rigged mesh which is cut a little higher. It can be paired with a tank top or left with jeans to create a cute casual sexy look!

Auxiliary has been blowing my mind lately with their releases! These Skinny Jeans are exclusive this month to FaMESHed and I’m head over heels! There’s so many different washes to cose from, they are shown here in Ink! These jeans are rigged mesh as well and textured to perfection!

A new to me store called Flightless will be, I believe, debuting at the new gacha festival called ‘The Arcade’. This necklace will be available called Deer Bead Necklace, shown here in the rare prize pearl! It’s mesh and beautiful and I’m in love! I look forward to new releases from them!

Speaking of The Arcade I’m SO excited for this event to start! They just released an awesome teaser video, which you should totally watch here! The event opens up September 15th, are you ready to try your luck at gacha?

the body co. Ivy (02 Ivory) brown brows
EYES; Insufferable Dastard .ID. Mirror / Mesh Eyes / Green
HAIR; >TRUTH< Carmen w/Roots - swedish NEW
NAILS; [croire] ombre nails (orchard)

FACIAL PIERCINGS; [-iPoke-] Classics
HIP PIERCINGS; [SiCK] – Piercings – Solid Grip *Edited*

SHIRT; coldLogic top – waid.ebony (XS) NEW
NECKLACE; Flightless – Deer bead necklace (pearl) rare Coming Soon to The Arcade
JEANS; Auxiliary – Skinny Jeans – XXS- Ink NEW to FaMESHed
BELT; Maitreya Coin Belt Black (Pelvis)
BOOTs; [N] calf high moccasins – black (Not currently available! Sorry guys!)

POSE; Marukin

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