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November 2011

Tree House


I notice that when ppl blog events that a majority of the time its the clothes they blog.  Which of cause is normal since most of the items are clothes hahah but today not only do I want to show you the amazing new jacket from League at Zombiepopcorn but I want to show you this gorgeous tree house and furniture from some amazing creators.  As this is a House and Clothes blog there are a few pics.


Skin – Mother Goose Hena-III – Milok Hermit

Hair – [elikatria] Soft – Elika Tiamisu

Eyes – ID Xmas Eyes Mistletoe – Audrey Lamede           (ZombiePopcorn)

Jeans – Cynful Modest Skinny Jeans – Cynthia Ulrsch

Jacket – League Winter Coat – Nena Janus     (ZombiePopcorn)

Shoes – Gos Aviator Boots Chocolate – Gospel Voom

Deer - Dreamscapes Decor Christmas Deer with star - Carlotta Ceawlin   (ZombiePopcorn)

Tree House

House – Vespertine Wandering Snowflake Treehouse – Amelie Knelstrom    (ZombiePopcorn)

Tree House 1

Couch, Ottoman, Books – Mudhoney Dark Magic Winter Set  – Rayvn Hynes     (ZombiePopcon)

Shelf – MMG Wall Shelving – Masomaso Quan

Items on shelfLamp, Jar, Dolls – Kari – Menno Ophelia
Plants in cups – KKPW Eco Cup Plant – Drusus Ducasse
Plant – Lisp Burlap Plant Bag – Pandora Popstar

Frames – Lisp Winter Chalk Board – Pandora Popstar

Tray Of mugs – What Next Fall Leaves Mugs and Hot chocolate Tray – Winter Thorn

Rug – Lisp Woodcutter Rug – Pandora Popstar

Tree House 2

Bike – What Next WIntertime Bicycle – Winter Thorn

Boots – Gos Wellingtons – Gospel Voom

Guitar – u.f.o Accoustic Collabo – Charming Meiler

Trunk –  Lisp Seasons Trunk Set Autumn – Pandora Popstar

Pine Cones and Candle -Lisp Seasons Trunk Set WInter – Pandora Popstar

Ginger Breadmen – Lisp Gingerbread Men Plate – Pandora Popstar

Tree House 3

Fireplace – What Next The night Before Christmas Fireplace – Winter Thorn      (Zombiepopcorn)

Tree – What Next Bric-a-brac Christmas Tree – Winter Thorn

Presents – What Next GiftBoxes – Winter Thorn

Wood Basket – What Next Laurel Log Basket – Winter Thorn



The ZombiePopcorn Dark Magic Winter event is opening on the 1st of December and their is going to be some amazing items offered.  The next couple of blogs I will be doing will show you some of the things that I have found and loved.  This Pic shows yet again that imagination and amazing attention to detail that Severed Garden put into all of there outfits.  I saw this and ideas for a pic instantly started forming and I knew then that this was a must buy for me haha.  I also grabbed this beautiful skin from Ci Co and the really fun Xmas eyes from Inglorious Dastards.  Hope you all get down to the event and check out these great buys!


   Skin – Ci Co Snow Angel Powder – Dustine Underwood      ( ZombiePopcorn )

Hair – [elikatria] Little – Elika Tiamisu

Eyes – ID Xmas Eyes Mistletoe – Audrey Lamede      ( ZombiePopcorn )

Outfit – Severed Garden Cloe – Berta Avro       ( ZombiePopcorn )

Pose – Diesel Works Julie –  Rogan Diesel

A Chill in the Air


Ahh it’s that time again. For the Holidays, the snow, be bundled up by the fire with your favorite Gingerbread Latte which has finally come back in season. Some would say this is the best time of the year! Although by now I’m usually expecting snow, it has been in the 60s-70s here which is not normal for us Northern East Coasters! Can’t say I’m complaining though!

Paper.Doll has released quite a few things recently and this release them is probably one of my favorites. I have an unnatural obsession with belted dresses, even in real life! It’s nice when you can reflect a bit of your real life style into second life. Of course it’s fun to be adventurous as well but this certainly is a nice break! ‘Meg’ Dress comes in three colors so far, shown here in ‘Plum’! I was lucky enough to be able to pair this perfectly with my Plum nail polish from Rezipsa Loc!

Hope everyone had a great holiday! I’ll be back for more soon, promise!

♥ Natalee

HAIR; Maitreya Jordyn – Platinum
SKIN; [Ill] Illusory Skin – Paige_Milk – Platinum (Light Brow)

DRESS; -paper.doll- Meg: Plum NEW
TIGHTS; !bullwinkle. nylons – plain – Top
SHOES; Maitreya Treaders – Black

EYELINER; *BOOM* Liquid Glaze (lashed) Black
NECKLACE; *League* Vintage Heart Necklace
RING; JCNY – ‘Lotus, Mood Ring with Hyper-Gems
EYES; Aphotic Gloom – Aquilius Eyes (Anya)
NAIL POLISH; * RezIpsa Loc * ~ Plum Nails

Minnie Mouse


A new round of Fashionably late has started and there was some great finds this week.  But one thing caught my eye and set my mind to overdrive and that was this mini mouse top and ring.  Each are sold separately and there are also earings, necklace and high-waisted pants you can grab as well.  I have always seen the Minnie and Mickey helmets and have always wanted to do a pic with them but never came up with an idea until now haha.  So here it is  :)

Mini Mouse

Skin – Mother Goose’s Hena III – Milok Hermit

Hair – Truth Clara – Truth Hawks

Eyes – Aphotic Gloom Aquilius Tirablue – Rico Pliskin

Eye Lashes – Izzie’s Eyelashes v1.03 – Izzie Button

Top – GoK Wheres My Minnie Red Top – GoK Artis (Fashionably Late)

Underwear – Gawk Black Mini Panties – Mell McMahon

Stockings – Orage Creations Rock Gaga (stockings from Outfit) – Elettra Gausman

Boots – Death Row Designs Boots Lazy – Jaimy Hancroft

Helmet – Hat Mechanic Maus – Fade Dana

Ring – GoK Wheres My Minnie Red Ring – GoK Artis (Fashionably Late)

bracelets – Mandala Reiki Bravelet – Kikunosuke Eel

Nails – Mandala Unisex Nails – Kikunosuke Eel

Face Tattoo – Damned War Stripes – DAMNEDshop – (past Kawii Hunt)

Pose – Glitterati Long Hair 2 – Katey Coppola

Ready to Shop


Afternoon all =)  As I’m sure you are aware Mon Tissu has just released their new range of Mesh clothing which meant I was there as soon as I could to grab some of it haha.  This top that I’m wearing from there is just perfect and is something I would so wear in RL as well.  When putting this outfit together I was thinking about all the Xmas shopping in sl and rl I have to get done.  I ended up wearing an outfit that I think is perfect for Xmas shopping in Australia but with a little bit of a autumish touch.  I am now off to do some of said Xmas shopping so hope you all have a great weekend !!  Oh yes for some reason I look like I’m cross eyed in this pic not sure why but meh something diffrent hahaha.

Ready to Shop

Skin – Mother Goose’s Hena III – Milok Hermit

Hair – Boon TUN247 – Boo Nakamura

Eyes – Aphotic Gloom Aquilius Tirablue – Rico Pliskin

Eye lashes – Izzie’s Eyelashes v1.03 – Izzie Button

Top – Mon Tissu Lycia Tank – Elie Spot

Jeans – Cynful Modest Skinny Jeans – Cynthia Ultsch

Boots – Ninikoboy Jockey Boots – Kae Sahara

Bracelete – Mandala Pearl Rain Bangle – Kikunosuke Eel

Scarf – Maitreya Long Scarf – Onyx Leshelle

Earings – Mandala monica Earings – Kikunosuke Eel

Nails – Mandala Unisex Nails – Kikunosuke Eel

Bag – Celoe Sack Bag – Celoe

Poses – Diesel Works – Rogan Diesel

Moody Days


Like everyone I have my moody days and so to help me get out of it I thought I’d put together an outfit that was fun.  I found this mesh dress on the marketplace and knew that this was the dress for me. Then I remembered that I saw some amazing leggings at Emery that I had been meaning to go and grab.  After that I figured I should try to rummage around in my invent for the rest lol.  Have to say by the end of it and some great music I was out of my funk and ready to start blogging it =)

Moody Days

Skin – Mother Goose’s Hena III – Milok Hermit

Hair – Boon ZGO223 –  Boo Nakamura

Eyes – Aphotic Gloom Aquilius Tirablue – Rico Pliskin

Dress – KIM Polamia (Mesh) Dress – Kimberly Flagon

Leggings – Emery Legging Carrie Mink – Sunami Beck

Shoes – Mstyle Goshi Pumps – Mikee Mokeev

Necklace – Eleanor Rigby Laced Cameo – Kyrsten Jigsaw

Pose – Glitterati Vendors – Katey Coppola

Morning After


With all the amazing mesh items now coming out I am always on the look out.  The other day I was looking on the marketplace and came across this really pretty dress.  I grabbed the Lm for it and tped over to see what they had.  The store Maai has some amazing pieces in it and I loved their mesh clothes.  After trying on all the mesh demos there was no doubt that I just had to have this dress haha.  The dress comes with a shape included if you don’t want to fiddle with your own shape and  also comes with a pair of matching pumps which is fantastic.  For some reason when I put on the bare feet with this dress the idea of the walk of shame came to mind (Not that I have ever done that haha wink wink) so I ran with it haha.  Hope you all like and I encourage you to all go take a look at Maai =)

Morning After

Skin – YS&YS Alice – Monicuzza Babenco

Hair – Exile Ashlyn – Kavar Cleanslate

Eyes – Aphotic Gloom Aquilius Tirablue – Rico Pliskin

Dress – Maai Darla – Snow Wolfhunter

Feet – Maitreya Bare Feet – Onyx Leshelle

Shoes – Mstyle Goshi Pumps – Mikee Mokeev

Nails – Mandala Unisex Nails – Kikunosuke Eel

Bracelets – Mandala Milky Way Bangles – Kikunosuke Eel

Pose – Glitterati Long Hair 2 – Katey Coppola

Vintage Fair


You will all have to excuse me for a sec while I have a small rant before getting to my new post.    I was really looking forward to the Vintage Fair with the amount of designers taking part I was sure it was going to be amazing.  I saw the pics that designers had put on there flickr pages and it just made me save even more L’s for their opening day.  4pm arrived and knowing what it was going to be like decided to wait until well 5pm cause I’m a little inpatient haha.  But as with all fairs I had to battle with the multiple messages of tp failed.  Once I managed to get on to the sim I spent the next 40mins not being able to move hardly at all.  Ppl everywhere had left on all there attachments and huds and were as usual lagging everything.  After an hour of basically making it around only half of on side of the sim I had to give up before I drove myself insane :/  I know that there was lots of things that I would have loved to have gotten but I just could not put up with that lag.

The next day on flickr I saw that I wasnt the only person who was annoyed with this.  One of the comments on the pic I was looking at came from Viollette Vyper of BellBalls and she had a really great solution to all of our fair issues.  Here is her comment

Okay so, this is something I’ve wanted to pitch to these fair designers for a LONG time.

Imagine this~
All fairs held on an easy, stylish, modern, accessible website. No need to leave your location, drop everything you’re doing, or bare down to essentials. No need to get heated over failed tp’s, horrible lag, constant crashes or blue screens. The comfort of an organized list of wonderful designers, displaying their products. A simple add to cart option, purchase and receive. Not to mention possible increase in sales because everyone can get what they want, when they want with no hassle. Peaceful, modern, simple online shopping.

I put this forward to all organisers of events and designers that this is a great idea for future fairs.  I agree with Viollette this can only be more financially beneficial for all involved.  Ok I am now all done and on with my last vintage fair pic.

Vintage Fair 2


Skin – Curio Vintage Deco – Gala Phoenix   (Vintage Fair)

Eyes – Aphotic Gloom Aquilius Tirablue – Rico Pliskin

Hair – [elikatria] Soft – Elika Tiamisu

Top – Tres Blah Peek-a-boo Vneck – Julliette Westerburg

Pants – Indie Rose High Wasited Shorts – Angelina Eizenberg   (Vintage Fair)

Shoes –  Maitreya Gold Hana Black – Onyx LeShelle

Braceletes – Whippet & Buck Diamond & Pearl Bracelet Stack – Dakota Buck   (Vintage Fair)

Necklaces – League Vintage Jewellery Set – Nena Janus  (past FLF)

Nails – Mandala Unisex Nails – Kikunosuke Eel

Bag and Pose – Di’s Opera Old Luggage – Di Hoorenbeek    (Vintage Fair)






Vintage Fair Goodies!!


I have been so excited about the upcoming Vintage Fair and I have been Lucky enough to get a sneak peek at the dresses  from Izzie’s and Cool Beans.  Both of these dresses are absolutely amazing and wonderfully made and textured.  Both Dresses come in a variety of colours to suit everyone’s tastes and I dare you to try and walk past these at the fair and not grab at least one colour haha.

I hope I don’t overload you with Vintage Fair goodness as this will be only one of the posts I will end up doing to cover the event =) Looking forward to showing you what else I come up with.

Vintage Fair 1

Skin – Mother Goose’s Hena III – Milok Hermit

Hair – Boon YNO421 – Boo Nakamura

Eyes – Aphotic Gloom Aquilius Tirablue – Rico Pliskin

Dress – Cool Beans Past Charm Dress – Anyalia Pearl

Shoes – Pixel Mode Luna – Tya Fallingbridge

Earings – Mandala Pearl Rian Jewerlly Set – Kikunosuke Eel

Pose – Marukin [Pastel] – Valencia Southard


Skin – Mother Goose’s Hena III – Milok Hermit

Hair – Damselfly Paquita – Shylah Honey

Eyes – Aphotic Gloom Aquilius Tirablue – Rico Pliskin

Dress – Izzie’s Lila Dress – Izzie Button

Shoes – Pixel Mode Luna – Tya Fallingbridge

Earings – League Vintage Jewellery Set (FLF) – Nena Janus

Necklace – League Vintage Jewellery Set (FLF) – Nena Janus

Bracelete – Mandala Pearl Rain Bangle – Kikunosuke Eel

Nails – Mandala Unisex Nails – Kikunosuke Eel

Pose – Marukin [Pastel] – Valencia Southard

All That Glitters


One of the good things about living in Australia is that its only like 6pm for me when FLF starts haha.  There were some really great buys this week and I couldn’t go past the Outfit from Willow and the great necklace from Tres Blah.  I recently found a great little jewellery store called BellBalls so I thought I’d drop by there to grab some new earings and left with a couple of extra pieces such as the ring I’m wearing haha.  The sim this store is on is so pretty that I stayed to take this pic.  Have fun with your FLF shopping =)

All That Glitters

Skin – Mother Goose’s Hena III – Milok Hermit

Hair – Damselfly Paquita – Shylah Honey

Eyes – Aphotic Gloom Aquilius Tirablue – Rico Pliskin

Top – Willow Fishtail Blouse (FLF) – Weezey Warwillow

Pants – Willow Prince Shorts – Weezey Warwillow

Earings – BellBalls Stacked Bar Earings – Viollette Vyper

Necklace – Tres Blah Harlow Necklace (FLF) – Julliette Westerburg

Ring – Bellballs Cheetah Metal RIng – Viollette Vyper

Nails – Mandala Unisex Nails – Kikunosuke Eel

Pose – Marukin [Hane] Allura – Valencia Southard

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