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August 2011

Great Customer Service is the Key!!


Yesterday I went to a store named Cracked Mirror to buy one of there items.  There was a glitch in the deilvery which has happened to every shop owner in sl.  Now in my experience most store owners on realising this send out a group notice saying sorry and here is your item,  which is great.  However I was pleasantly suprised today when I logged in to one of these messages but also to the fact that the owner of the store giving everyone effected a store credit as well :D   This is the type of customer service that I love and that makes me always happy to shop somewhere.   So I quickly tped to the store knowing exactly what I was spending my credit it on and here it is :)


 Red Bikini

Skin – Curio BlackBird May

Hair – Lamb Boyfriend

Underwear Set – Cracked Mirror Liberty Pinup Bikini

Feet - Maitreya Bare Feet

Bullwinkle Sale!!


I love all things that are on sale and Bullwinkle is no exception.  From the 20th -30th of this month selected items with tags beside them are marked down to 10L as they are going to be discontinued.  So of course I had to tp right in to check it out :D  I grabed a couple of great things and one of them were these way to cute poka dot pants.  RUN !! and check out this amazing sale while its on.

Bullwinkle 1

Bullwinkle 2

Skin – Curio May BlackBird

Hair - [e] Comfort

Eyes – Aphotic Gloom Aquilius  Tirablue

Earings – BellBalls Disc Earings Pearl

Pants –  Bullwinkle Polka Dot Cuff Jeans Blue

Top – Mon Tissu Croped tank Top

Shoes – [e] Flair Flats White



This is my first blog for style minions and I’m so excited !!  You will all find as time goes by that I am soo bad at trying to find names for pics and Posts so you will probably get a lot of LOTD and things haha.  Ok so on to todays looks, this is something I put together after I bought this amazing new hair from Wasabi Pills. Some of the bits and pieces have come from my obsission for gacha festivals and as per usual Albero is putting on a great one right now .   Hope you all like :D



Hair – Eve Wasabi Pills

Skin – May Blackbird Curio

Eyes – Daily eye Ink Rozena (at the gacha festival)

Glasses – Kyoot Nerdy Glasses Grey Epic (at the gacha festival)

Shirts- Jumper skirt grey check Niniko

Shorts – Shack Shorts Surf Co

Shoes – Yaxkin Maitreya

Ring – Bow and Bows statement ring Dark Mouse (at the gacha festival)



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Natalee Oodles, naminaeko Resident & Sash Arabello

About Natalee


SL Name: Natalee Oodles
Rez Date: April 1, 2011

About You: Hi, my name is Natalee and I am 24 years old. In this blog you’ll mostly find my LOTD and some of my favorite sales and event coverage! I’ll also try to blog some keys of interest in SL that I have! I look foward to getting to know you all better!

How would you describe your Style?
Relaxed, but fun! I liked to wear all sorts of things, really I will try anything at least once! I pride myself in my ability to at least TRY things! I love color, anything disney and I’m a sucker for anything that has to do with my fandoms! But most of all I really love really well shaded and textured black clothing! I wear a lot of black in RL and it reflects in SL as well! I blog to reflect and appeal to all different styles with of course, staying true to myself!

What is your SL Fashion MUST-HAVE?
Ombre hair! It’s been one of my biggest obsessions and I love all the stores that are coming out with Fades packs! Truth started doing them and they are TO. DIE. FOR! I literally love every color in the pack and I love switching out my colors all the time!

Do SL trends have any impact on how you dress?
How could they not! Of course I like to think I stomp to my own tune but of course I love trends, following trends, making trends and shopping them! The best thing about SL designers are if there is a trend there is usually a release immediately! I’m a huge fan of Pinterest which is where I keep most of my trend followings pinned and get some awesome ideas for SL!

What is your go-to favorite pair of shoes?
Hmm, probably my LeLutka Pow Shoes! They go with every outfit and look super cute with stockings and socks! I absolutely adore them!

What Designer NEVER lets you down with any New Release?
There’s so many but I’m going to say my absolute newest favorite is {mon tissu}, no matter what those two brilliant girls release they always seem to get all my lindens! I heart all their clothing, shoes, accessories, EVERYTHING! I must own it all!

What is your favorite and least favorite color to wear?
My favorite color to wear in SL is probably black, just like in my RL. It goes with everything and I like that I can do pops of color with it to really make those chosen colors stand out from the rest. I also really enjoy colorblocking, it’s fun! My least favorite color is yellow, especially mustard yellow. Just not a fan.

What accessories are you never seen without?
My lashes! Prim lashes are probably my favorite thing in SL! They make any skin look 100x better, especially well made lashes! You can never have enough of them! Including the tattoo lashes!

What thing in your inventory could you NOT live without?
Hair! I’m a HUGE hair person. If there is a new release for hair I’m probably at the store as soon as I get the notecard! I just love hair, you can never have enough!

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