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Wide Awake


Sometimes we fall hard and fast, and then wake up to the truth, that the reality is, some people are not who they say they are. The viciousness comes out when least expected, and we realize, how much better we are without them. I did realize though, that even while battling depression, being awake and aware is better than being oblivious to the truth that is so clear is hard to see in that frame of mind. I’d rather be alone, than in bad company.

Sure, I’ll be judged for this post, probably, but to me blogging is not only about sharing pretty pictures, it’s an extension of my mood, an artistic representation of what I feel, in words and picture. So, today I feel strong and independent, and alluring. Rawr maybe? I hope you all keep in mind today that.. we can all be strong individuals alone, without the need for a crutch, no matter what is going on in your life! <3

Other than that, can we talk about this furniture please? Trompe is amazing, Cory is amazing, and I am totally in love with the whimsical feel of this set, from teh fireplace, to the cage, and the other components that come with it that I didn’t have room to fit! Also, the lovely word art is made by no other than the wonderfully talented Adele Dazeem. I mean… Adaline May *cough* from Collage (She’s probably gonna kill me for that, but I had to. I really love the message on it, and the fact that is says Ohana ties it in with Disney, and we know all that Disney is one of my great obsessions with life, somewhere right below Doctor Who and Harry Potter.

I hope you guys have a great week, and until next time!

Sash Arabello



Skin: .Birdy. Daphne Skin ~Porcelaine~ by Dani (nina.helix)
Hair: Clawtooth: Lady Julliette – Snow by Bubbles Clawtooth @ Collabor88
{D.A} Matte Ruby by Soleil Reid
Cheap Makeup- Cheekbone Contouring Medium by Stella (stella.semaphore)
.Olive. the Captivaing Headdress [WEAR ME] by naminaeko
MG – Necklace – Shadow Cross by Maxi Gossimer
Arm Cuff:
.:Wimey:. Medusa’s Arm Cuff (Gold) by Sash Arabello
Dress: Tee*fy Dakota Corset Gown Full Black XS by Azure Electricteeth
Hand Gloves/nails:
Shoes: ISON – lace-up gladiator sandals -XS- (black) by Harry Hyx
Pose: by Marukin


Candelabra: floorplan. black magic candelabra (5LI) by Tegan Serin 
Wall art:
Collage – This Home (1 LI)  by Adaline May (adalineb)
Dutchie stack of towels (1 LI) by Froukje Hoorenbeek
Trompe Loeil – Candle Fireplace Plaster With Drape (3 LI) by Cory Edo
Trompe Loeil – Birdcage Worn Silver Medium (5 LI) by Cory Edo


The Rains of Castamere..

So, it’s been a while, huh? I’ve been a busy bee, shopping like quite the maniac, and I’ve created a folder in my inventory of “things to blog,” yet simply have not gotten around to it. My reasons? Perhaps it’s the fact that Game of Thrones is back on HBO and all I have been doing during my free time is teleporting to Game of Thrones role-play sims, hoping to find a place where I will want to apply and develop a well-rounded character. In the mean-time, though, I’ll have to settle for dressing up like a girl of Westeros whenever I find the chance. And so, I suppose many themed blogs should be expected from me in the coming week or so, if I’m not feeling incredibly lazy, that is.

I can’t really tell if this is a Tyrell look, or a Stark look, but either way it is blue, and I adore blue! The dress I am wearing is gorgeous, in my opinion, and can be found at Junbug. It’s rather old, and I had not worn it as of yet, mostly because I purchased it days before telling myself that I would never wear an item from Junbug, specifically due to some comments that the creator made on Plurk, but I’ve recently budged, and have purchased a few of her items. The fact of the matter is that although I find her opinion of kid-avatars insulting, the creator is hella’ talented, and her texturing is impeccable. I am also wearing a new hair from Exile, Pick Up Lines, that which I paired with the rose clip that comes with the Tamora hair from Chemistry. The hair clip is mod, and so I made a few of the buds transparent as well. My favorite thing about this look, though, is the jewelry, all which can be found at The Forge. I am wearing the Bauble Necklace and the Celtic Bangles, both which come with a nifty HUD so that you can customize the jewelry to match your look. The HUDs come with a bunch of beautiful textures to choose from, though I recommend not using either HUD while wearing both the necklace and bangles. I figured this out the hard way!.. The HUD for the bangles will change the textures on your necklace, and visa versa. I am also wearing my Timeless ring from Cae, and the Gladia Sandals from Pure Poison, that which can be found at this round of The Secret Affair. And, of course, the essentials: Brandi from Glam Affair in Artic, Lipgloss & Teeth from Dead Apples, Flutter Falsies from Candy Mountain, SLink female hands and feet, and my very favorite new find, thanks to my Tia Sophia, Mesh Striking Eyes in Branch from Dead Apples. These eyes are so beautiful, I should have just fatpacked them! Oh, also, I should mention that the shot above was taken at home! You can thank my mom, Grazia Horwitz, for always making the home sim look absolutely beautiful.

Skin: -Glam Affair – Gemma by Aida Ewing.
Eyes: {Dead Apples} Striking Eyes – Branch by Soleil Reid.
Hair: Exile::Pick Up Lines Naturals by Kavar Cleanslate.
Dress: *{Junbug}* Snow White by Juno Mantel.
Sandals: Pure Poison – Gladia Sandals – Silver by Shaleene Kenin.
Necklace: [The Forge] Bauble Necklace by Deccan Arida.
Bangles: [The Forge] Celtic Bangles by Deccan Arida.
Ring: Cae :: Timeless :: Ring V2 by Caelan Hancroft.
Hair Roses: (Chemistry) Rose clip by Kimberlee Miles.
Lashes: Candy Mountain .Flutter Falsies. by Mynx Legend.
Tattoo Layer: {D.A} Lipgloss & Teeth by Soleil Reid.
Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual by Siddean Munro.
Feet: Slink Female Feet (AvEnhance) XS – Flat by Siddean Munro.

The pose seen is from Embody by Radagast Lexington: F FOOTSIE 4.


The Only Flaw

The Only Flaw ; FAR

Wow so it’s been since… October! Hi! Long time no see little blog. A lot has happened to Style Minions over the past few months, lots of new bloggers, some of my best friends in Second Life have joined and now hopefully I’ll be back as well! I took a little bit of a break from blogging due to RL and focusing on my store in SL but I want to make time for this again because I miss it! So hi hey hello again! Anyways, enough boring things.

I’ve been getting back into RP again, actually more really GE RP. It’s definitely a lot different from my typical HP RP (RIP to me anyways!). Seriously I forgot how fun SL could be until I joined GE. I’ve made loads of new friends, gotten closer to a few I already had and I’m having a ball. It’s fun to put together the outfits so I’m sure I’ll be posting lots of GE type of outfits to share with you all.

There’s been tons of events going on, to name a few of my favorite We <3 RP & The Secret Affair. I picked up this Druid Staff from Alchemy which comes with two holdable posed ones and one that rests on your back (shown). Tyr & Nina have joined forces to create this incredible brand full of all sorts of fun fantasy items for us to drool over. They make quite an incredible team if I do say so myself and I can't wait to see more releases from them in the future.

Peqe has been probably my favorite stop for clothing lately, Inex is incredible talented and this dress called Throne's Game can be found at The Secret Affair. This event is jam packed with loads of Game of Thrones inspired items and is definitely a must see if you haven't been there already! Sorry for your wallets in advance!

Moon, a new to me hair store, has been probably my favorite of hairs in my inventory lately. I love the shape of their hair and how they fit my avatar! Can't wait to see more releases. Well that's all for now! See you soon! <3 Missed you all!

The Only Flaw ; Close

-Glam Affair – Brandi – Artic 05 H
EYES; IKON Perspective Eyes – Hazel (S)
HAIR; Moon{Hair}. Rhymes of an Hour
HANDS; Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual
FEET; Slink Mesh Feet (Av Enhance) Medium S

BLUSH; .Pekka. Blush
EYE MAKE UP; [Buzz] Essentials – Smokey Royale Liner
LASHES; *MC* “Falsies” Eyelash – Upper+Lower (add)

PIERCING; -SU!- Septum Piercing /METAL/
ARMOR; .Enfant Terrible. Decor Armor black
STAFF; Alchemy – Druid Staff – We <3 Roleplay - Wear on Back
COLLAR; Noodles – Mother of Dragons Collar *COMING SOON*
FEET ROPE; [Keystone] Bound Feet (For SLINK Mid Feet)
CIRCLET; [Keystone] Bru’ella – Black x Silver / Uncommon /

DRESS; Peqe – Throne’s Game (S)

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doctor blog pic_001


Gah, I feel so out of the loop with blogging, and there’s so much I have to show you and share… AHHHHH! I swear, design is taking over my life, and crushing me like a pile of bricks. But whatever, I guess I could sneak a really quick one in! Last night I was hanging around my uncle Nick, and we decided to play dress up, it was weird. We started off with a car on my pool, and then daleks being drowned, and somewhere along the line I was Pond and he was the Doctor, and then I was like.. I bet I could make a River cus I love her, and events lead to this picture, where, 28 pages into the Marketplace later, after searching for ”friends” poses, and finding nothing but sexual poses, I found this one.. just.. a mess. But this is the outcome, a sweet little moment between the Doctor, and River Song. Ish. SL style. Do you like my afro? It’s pretty epic.

Any whoooooooo, we also have the Berry challenge, and I actually love the idea for this one. Noob advice. I mean, do we ever really stop being noobs in SL? With such a broad space, there’s always something new to try, so I guess, Idk, this is my advice to you all that still feel like newbies, like me!

1. Don’t be afraid to try new things! It can be intimidating, of course it can! I mean, I think about 2 years ago, I decided to start blogging. I didn’t know any designers, I was just some rp’er in some off sim, doing my thing. But I’m glad I decided to start blogging! It taught me how to use photoshop, and I’ve gotten to know some pretty awesome people that I admired. Rose, Aime, Nat, Berry, Aida, Sienia, and that’s just to name a few! I wouldn’t change a single thing!

2. Don’t be intimidated by others when you start new things. I’m still a new designer, and it’s scary to see the talent around you! Sometimes I get sooo down, thinking that I’ll never be in the level that like Ison, Maitreya, Mon Tissu, Mish Mish, and freaking Anya are. But guess what? They all started at the same level you are! You can’t compare to those around you that have been doing x for so long! You have to compare your own growth and go from there!

3. Don’t be afraid to say hi! I’m very bad at this, I’m the shyest person alive, but.. I guess, don’t ever be afraid to say hi to others. We’re all the same after all, bored people behind a computer screen, so.. take a chance, get to know others, and just remember, always be courteous and kind, and like how you want to be treated.

4. Be respectful of others! I think we all need a reminder on this, myself included. Don’t judge others’ taste, or whatever, if someone wants to be a furry with pink jiggly balls, let them. Sure, it’s funny, but it’s their second life, they can be whomever they want to be. We’re all so bad about making fun of the people with the overly huge pouts, abnormally large hips, and questionable taste in their sex life, but.. whatever, it’s their second life, they can do whatever they like.

5. Enjoy yourself and be who you want to be. Forget the haters. Be you! Enjoy what you do. It’s your second life, don’t let others dictate it. Go be the Doctor, or River Song if that’s your dream! <3


On Nick:

Skin: ~Tableau Vivant~ Sean (Tone 07) by Aida Ewing
Hair: Hype- Bailey 2.0 by Noah Pelazzi
Eyes: IKON Promise Eyes – Fjord by Ikon Innovia
Outfit: FATEPlay – Matt – Future by Damien Fate
Shoes: JD – Metro Black by David Freeman (davidfre)
Fez: [Aux] Fezzes Are Cool by Tyr Rozenblum
Hands: Slink AvEnhance Hands Male – Relax by Siddean Munro

On Me: 

Skin: :F: Chloe _Beach by a l e x a n d r a (alexandra.barcelos)
Hair: [LeLutka]-RYKIEL hair – IdontBleach by Thora Charron
Eyes: [Buzz] Faerie Eyes – Chocolate by вυgѕ ѕnowғιeld (eleri.catlyn) @ Season’s Story
Necklace: [Buzz] Spring Flowers Choker – Light Petals {Tex Change Petals}  by вυgѕ ѕnowғιeld (eleri.catlyn) @ Season’s Story
Dress: -tb- Fluffy Dress – Black by Julliette Westerburg @ Collabor88
Shoes: *BOOM* Bo Peep Platforms (Pitch) by Ara Ultramegaforce (aranel.ah)

Pose by: {pose maniacs} ɯɐɹi sʇidǝ (mari.stipe)
TARDIS Prop (Mesh) by Interference Lowenhart





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Flowers for a Ghost



So.. that was a short break, but the amount of crazy that happened is out of this world, one could almost say.. literally. There were a lot of private events that happened throughout these days, and all I’m happy and comfortable to share is that I’m finally getting the help that I so much needed. For the longest, I was afraid of it, really. I was afraid that doing this would mean having to forget that which I love the most above everything else. Turns out it isn’t, it’s just learning to live with it. Things are starting to line up in my life now, but one thing I have to keep in mind, I have to take it easy. There will be days like today where I’m restless, that’s to expect, we’re still getting things right, however, I have to learn how to relax, and calm down, and not overwhelm myself, which is my worst enemy.

Today I’m dedicating this post to a little someone that none of you know, but I keep very dear my heart, and it just seems fitting that I put some sort of homage in my work recently with her. So here it is. Flowers and balloons, two things that I very closely relate to her. The motives don’t have to be shared, but this is a piece that is specifically special for me.


Skin: -Glam Affair – Romy skin ( America ) by Aida Ewing at Skin Fair
Hair: Exile::Rain or Shine: 6. Dark Blonde by Kavar Cleanslate at The Arcade
Freckles: :F: Freckles w/ Mole ( med ) by a l e x a n d r a (alexandra.barcelos) at Skin Fair
Eyes: {D.A} Shattered – Hazel by Soleil Reid
Eyeliner: .Birdy. Simple eyeliner by Nina Helix
Tank: -tb- Tied Up Tank – White by Julliette Westerburg
Jeans: MOON}. Marly BellBottoms (xs) – Darkest Fade by Silent Acoustic
Ring: Noodles – The Boy Who Lived Ring Hematite by Natalee Oodles
Flowers: The Secret Store – Wild Flowers – Bouquet/Daffodils by Maylee Oh at The Arcade
Pose: !bang by Luna Jubilee

Bike: Lark – Bike (M) RARE by Sienia Trevellion at The Arcade





Sometimes in life we must come to a stop. Sometimes we must realize that we’re not as strong as we thought we were, and the past comes at a wave that is so intense, and uncontrollable, that we don’t know what to do with ourselves. We’re lost, the time lapses are lost, we can’t think, we can’t concentrate, and with each step we take, we feel more paralyzed that we did before.  Every day of this week has become less and less tolerable for me, I tried to push through, I tried to talk myself out of it, but after a while of fighting, I hit a peak, I must stop. There is no way to go anymore. I’m finally paralyzed.

Now I take this time to try to get my life in order, and seek out the help that I needed before, and never got out of fear, out of not wanting to talk about it too much. Obviously this course of action is not working, and it took me long enough to realize this. I hope you all understand that I’m taking some time for myself to recover before I work again, in blogging, or designing. I have tried to push through, but I can’t. It might be a day, a week, a month. I don’t know, but I have to do this for myself right now if I ever want to be fully alright. Thank you for understanding.


Hair: Magika [01] Shine by Sabina Gully
Skin/Mesh Head: LOGO Infinity Sadie Hybrid Mesh Avatar – Bloom by Maximillion Grant at Skin Fair
Eyes: IKON Promise Eyes – Clarity by Ikon Innovia
Top: *COCO*_Tee(StripeBlue) by Cocoro Lemon
Pose: .click. Dandelion by Gracie Amelia Bodenhall (gracie.breuer)


House: Culprit Neva’s Rustic Cottage by Humps (lord.humphrey)
Tardis: floorplan. police box gacha / blue RARE by Tegan Sara (tegan.serin)


Those high school days..

Those high school days..

Hello there, once again! It’s Bette, and although I wanted to put together a blog post as Darla (my little avatar) before putting up a second as Bette, I just couldn’t help myself. Mostly, because Darla’s inventory is a crazy mess as of recent, and secondly, because I decided to apply to Kennedy Hall Prep School as a junior, alongside my friend Katie. Be sure to check out that link if you enjoy role-playing on Second Life! Now, Kennedy Hall Prep has mandatory uniforms for their students, and they are rather sleek looking, but I wanted to toss together an easy and youthful look for those times when uniforms are not needed, perhaps for those days when classes are scarce and spending time in the dormitory or the school cafe in the company of friends simply seems much more appealing.

Them bossy boots!

I adore florals. Adore! So these boots by Fashionably Dead were an easy and quick pick! I started off my look from there, and worked my way up, pairing them with the Maitreya Dahlia Socks. I was so excited when I realized that the XS socks fit in my boots perfectly! I usually wear a medium, but for the sake of pairing the socks with the boots, an XS works well. The rest, well, I knew that I needed a backpack of course, and so I immediately searched for my Tee*fy Leather Made Goat-head Backpack, a past Arcade item, along with the Boom Friendship Bracelets, my Sleepy Eddy Pocket Watch in steel, and my Glam Affair Gemma skin that I refuse to take off. Oh, yes, the boots are also a past Arcade item! If you can’t tell already, I really love to accessorize with Arcade items.

Sticking with the florals.

My denim skirt is a usual go-to for me. I absolutely love Tee*fy’s clothing, and I am a big fan of the high-waisted skirts and jeans, as well as the denim washes. I really love the bleach wash because it’s not too, too light! It’s just right, in my opinion. Also, the M sizes at Tee*fy fit my avatar perfectly. As a matter of fact, I am not wearing an alpha layer under my skirt in these images, mostly because I really need to combine my SLink hands alpha and my system lashes alpha, and I’ve been lazy, and so I ran out of alphas! But so long as I am wearing underwear for those times when mesh refuses to load properly, I really don’t need to wear the alpha that comes with this skirt because it fits my avatar like a glove. Now, before I continue to babble, I should mention that I am also wearing one of my favorite rings from Donna Flora, the VITO pink ring. I am pretty sure that Donna Flora is still open, and will remain open as long as possible, so I suggest that you take a gander whenever you have a chance. Donna Flora’s items are sculpted, not mesh, but the pieces are timeless and so beautifully textured. I’ve had this ring for an extremely long time now and I usually wear it whenever I need a nice, pink ring to go along with an outfit. I am also wearing the Short Sleeve Blouse in cream from Tres Blah, a past Collabor88 item, Sleepy Eddy Boston Glasses in tortoiseshell, and the hair named NEW from LeLutka, which I seem to be wearing often! I wear the Walnut Whip color. Also, of course, my SLink mesh hands and IKON eyes. Those never come off! Now, onto the list of styling details.

Skin: -Glam Affair – Gemma by Aida Ewing.
Eyes: IKON Promise Eyes – Clarity by Ikon Innovia.
Hair: [LeLutka]-NEW hair (S) – WalnutWhip by Thora Charron.
Top: -tb- Short Sleeve Blouse (XXS) – Cream by Julliette Westerburg.
Skirt: Tee*fy Basics HighWaist Short Denim Skirt Bleached- M by Azure Electricteeth.
Socks: Maitreya Dahlia Socks * Flat XS Beige by Onyx LeShelle.
Boots: (fd) Bossy Boots – Floral White + Pink by Toast Bard.
Bag: Tee*fy Leather-Made Goat Head Backpack Vintage by Azure Electricteeth.
Glasses: {Sleepy Eddy} Boston Glasses (Tortoiseshell) by Metro Moonwall.
Necklace: {Sleepy Eddy} Pocket Watch Necklace (Steel) by Metro Moonwall.
Bracelet one: *BOOM* Friendship Bracelet (Baby Blue) by Aranel Ah.
Bracelet two: *BOOM* Friendship Bracelet (Tiffany) by Aranel Ah.
Ring: VITO pink ring R by Squinternet Larnia.
Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual by Siddean Munro.

All poses seen are from Exposeur by RubyStarlight Writer: Back to Black 6, Young and Beautiful 2, and Singles Special 30.


Skin Fair and Late Memes!

Ohlala… I am late! I really really wanted to mix the sex meme with the skin fair pictures, but rl sent that to the pooper! Oh my. Oh well. Here we go! I went to skin fair, and there’s so much goodness it’s so hard to keep it all together! So Im gonna do my best! I also did my best to keep it pg while showing the body, forgive some of the crappy images, sl decided to implode on me along with my graphics card. LOL! Such is life! Allonsy really quick with this thing! So let’s start with this meme.. shall we?

Sexual Questions: (for RL and/or SL)

  1. What is your sexual orientation or do you not like to label yourself? – I’m straight. I don’t think I’ve ever actually been sexually attracted by a girl, precisely
  2. Name a physical attribute that you find attractive or sexy. – I adore eyes. They’re the windows to the soul! I love strong colors, something original, squinty and almond shaped eyes. They’re my biggest weakness.
  3. Are you promiscuous, a prude or in between? – I used to be promiscuous, then I got married. Then I got really busy, then I got sick, and even in sl, just.. as of lately I don’t seem to have that much time in my hands, though I guess there was a time where I was a bit of an SL slut. Kinda not now though.. sometimes I miss the emotional connection with someone, but it’s not about the sexual need or gratification, it’s weird. I’m weird.
  4. What turns you on? – A man being assertive. Please. Do push my chair away while I’m working and kiss me. See me walking? Push me into a wall and kiss me deeply. I adore for a man to be full out assertive with me, and take the lead.
  5. Are you dominant or submissive? – submissive.
  6. Are you into sexual roleplay? – It depends, I really have to be in the mood for it. I’m into roleplay like writing in sl. Getting into costumes now just reminds me of like.. that family guy episode… you know… this one… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XtbZRqu5s7c so… that’s kind of gone for me. I have to be really really really in the mood for it, however, I’m more into d/s roleplay in the bedroom.
  7. Which sexual position is your favorite? – Oh, my. Missionary, I guess. I love looking up at a guy.
  8. Do you have any fetishes? – Bondage. Assertive men. Yeah……. bye. This is embarrassing.
  9. Have you or would you do porn, amateur or professional? – No. Not now, earlier in my life I would have. Now? Hm, I’ll pass.
  10. Do you consider yourself sexy? – Not at all! Oh my.. yeah.. never in a million years, no.

So.. that’s the meme.. the embarrassing questions, and now you know too much about me. Yup. On to skin fair.. There were a lot of goodies, for instance.. this cutie named Chloe from Filthy.

Black Horse and Cherry Tree

This is Chloe. I loooove her, she is subtle, the thing that I see it lacks is body definition, but the face is just adorable. She also comes with a freckle/moles set that I think I’m never taking off, since I’m kind of crazy about freckles, and these are by far the best I’ve seen in a while.

Next up, we have… Jacquiee from RazzaNova.

black horse and cherry tree2


The face on this skin is adorable.. what really really really annoyed me was the fact that it had no appliers. If it did, this would probably be my top skin pick for Skin Fair.. but.. That’s a major draw back for me, I don’t think with so many skins that have appliers, that I’m willing to spend the time matching the skin to the slink hands and feet, sorry.


Laura Hurley was another big winner for me in Skin Fair.

black horse and cherry tree4


I normally go for paler skins, but the tan option was soooo cute. I can’t find anything wrong with this skin, and it comes with the slink appliers for it, I adore that, saves me moolah on the long run, so.. way to go Laura Hurley, I just completely love this skin so hard.

Dead Apples:

black horse and cherry tree5


Dead Apple is one of my favorite eye places, right along side with Ikon, really, that’s the only two places I buy eyes. This skin though is completely adorable, the tanner options are a little ashy, but it’s just so adorable in the face that I’m willing to overlook this, I adore the skin.

Apple May Designs:



I haven’t gone to this store in forever, admittedly, but this skin is so cute and pure, that I just had to have it. My one complain is that skin appliers in the store were done in a little confusing manner, with versions 1, 2 and 3, and if you’re in a rush.. not the best thing in the world. But amazing job!

And that wraps it up for my picks for skin fair! Gonna do a quick edit on the actual style of the av, and the set up for the shot! Sorry that this is kind of rushed, just.. so much to do! So little time.


Hair: Clawtooth: Business Time – Girl Next Door at Collabor88
Underwear: PARISA by Steffen Garcia, Mint
Eyes: {Dead.Apple} Shattered – Hazel
Poses: All by Del May

Apartment: {what next} Studio Apartment Skybox for Adore&Abhore’s birthday!
Bed: Trompe Loeil – Cobble Hill Bed Black Frame CH Fabrics {A}
Benches: Trompe Loeil – Cobble Hill Bedroom Bench w/Blanket Black Wood
Small Decor: Apple Fall Magazine Files at Collabor88, Apple Fall Lilies,  Apple Fall Bow Tie Art at Collabor88,  Apple Fall Arts & Crafts Books
Lamp: Trompe Loeil – Glass Endtable Lamp
Plant: Apple Fall Interior Plant
Purse: Noodles – Sasha Studded Bag Black/Rose Gold at Collabor88
Lilacs: PILOT – Lilac Tray
Chandelier: The Loft – Painted Chandelier White at Collabor88
Rug: The Loft – Beige Floral Rug



Back to Pastels.

Business pastels.

Hello there, my name is Darla, or Bette, but I usually answer to Darla on both of my avatars. Yes, two avatars, two names. Confusing, I know! And although I tend to be overly wordy 99.9% of the time, I have no clue what to say here. I was just telling Rose, fellow Style Minion, that “I don’t know what to say, Rose!” She says I should simply tell you all a bit about myself and my style, and so I am going to take that and run with it! So, about the two names. See, I have two avatars, a big avatar and a little avatar. Yes, I have a kid avatar, and that is the avatar that I spend most of my time on and I will be blogging with here as well, too! My little is Darla Domenici, and my big is Bette Bodenhall. For the sake of my first post here, I am going to give you all a peek at Bette’s style choices.. or rather, my style choices as an adult. (Which, to be honest, aren’t all too different from my style choices as a kiddo, minus the heels and make-up, of course!)

I’m a rather simple girl. I enjoy classic styles on both of my avatars, and in all lives. At times, I can get a little quirky, but it is not as often. I can even get a little edgy, although that is outside of my comfort zone. But gosh, do I love classic styles! Audrey Hepburn-y looks, both old-fashioned and modernized. I absolutely love it! I love soft, feminine looks, as well as old, Hollywood glam, but nothing too flashy! Flashy just isn’t my thing. I don’t wear it well at all. Overall, though, anything soft and feminine is up my alley, which is likely why I completely adore pastel colors. Soft baby blues are my very favorite, although I have recently been attempting to embrace soft pinks a bit. If it were left up to me, everything would always be sold in classic colors such as black, white, navy blue, and a deep, deep red, and pastels. I don’t need any other colors! Or so I seem to think so.

When I found out that the theme for Collabor88 this round was Back to Business, I was so excited! I imagined a large selection of sharp-looking blazers, beautiful skirts and suit pants, and so much more! And yes, that is much of what I saw, and loved. I also loved the color palette so very much, but I wanted to challenge myself a bit and pick out those pastel colored items offered and attempt to put together a business look that appealed to my love for pastels. And so, I picked up a few pastel colored accessories and put together something that I am really happy with!


I decided to stick to mint, pink, and white colors, picking up the Sasha Studded Mint Bag with Rose Gold accents that is currently available at Collabor88 from Noodles, created by Natalee. I really adore rose gold, and so I just loved the fact that the studs on this bag were available in that option as well as in gold and silver. I decided to also pick up the Oxford Heels in Mint Polka at Collabor88 that are available from The Secret Store. These heels are absolutely beautiful and come in a wide range of colors! No matter what your favorite color is, or what your personal style is, with the amount of colors available everyone is sure to find a pair that they like. Personally, I just really wanted to fatpack them! The heels are extremely detailed, right down to the ribbed texturing of the laces, and are made to fit the SLink Female Mid Feet, although in the box you do get both a rigged and non-rigged version of the heels. Other things I picked up at Collabor88 are also the Leigh Frames in White from Yummy, as well as the High Friends in Places hair from Lamb, which I am wearing in the Kit Kat color. (By the way, I really love that Lamb’s brunette pack is a bunch of yummy chocolate bars!) Really, I went a little nuts at Collabor88, and I bought much more than what I have on in these pictures, but I’ll save those for a later post.

Walk a mile.

I should likely stop rambling, and move on to everything else that I am wearing, huh? Both my jeans and blazer are from Elate, and are actually from a previous round of Collabor88. (Yes, those are jeans! But dressy, and so very adorable.) My hairbow is an old, old favorite, and it is sculpted, but it is always a go-to for me. It is from TokiDoki, and is available in gacha form or in color packs. My floral undershirt is actually a dress, which I got a little creative with. It is Nylon Outfitters, and also from a previous round of Collabor88. My necklaces are from Mon Tissu and Cae, and my rings are from Cae, Trinket, and Pekka. Both the Trinket and Pekka rings are gacha items. Oh, and last but certainly not least, my skin is from Glam Affair, an Arcade gacha item from the December round, and my eyes are from IKON. (I just can’t seem to take that Gemma skin off! I love it.) Anyhow, now that I’ve either entertained you or have completely bored you with my wordiness, I just want to say thank you if you’ve read this far, and to please look below for more specific styling details!

Skin: -Glam Affair – Gemma by Aida Ewing.
Eyes: IKON Promise Eyes – Clarity by Ikon Innovia.
Lashes/Eye make-up: -Glam Affair- Couture Eyeliner no.02 by Amberly Boccaccio.
Hair: !lamb. High Friends In Places (Mesh) – Kit Kat by Lamb Bellic.
Undershirt: (NO) Shabby Chic Sweetheart – Mint by Nylon Pinkey.
Blazer: (Elate!) Piper Blazer Ivory by Kellie Iwish.
Pants: (Elate!) Elle Jeans Rose Heels by Kellie Iwish.
Heels: The Secret Store – Oxford Heels [Slink Feet] – Mint Polka by Maylee Oh.
Handbag: Noodles – Sasha Studded Bag Mint/Rose Gold by Natalee Oodles.
Glasses: (Yummy) Leigh Frames – White by Polyester Partridge.
Necklace one: Cae :: Charmed :: Necklace :: Collection by Caelan Hancroft.
Necklace two: {mon tissu} Oui Necklace – Gold by Anouk Spot.
Ring one: Cae :: Timeless :: Ring by Caelan Hancroft.
Ring two: .trinket. deer silhouette ring – rose gold rare by Gracie Breuer.
Ring three: .Pekka. SeaStar gold ring – Cyan by Kathya Szczepanski.
Hairbow: (TokiD) bow3 lace M by Maya Levane.

All poses seen are from flowey. on the go – part one / C88 by Flutter Memel.
All pictures were taken at the Mayfair Sim, home to Mon Tissu and Celoe.


Open Waters



It would seem like I am rather bloggy lately. Maybe it’s because the panic for upcoming events hasn’t set in yet (very likely actually) Or because I’m feeling artistic and asking for a divorce from Autodesk Maya (DING DING) or because I’m going through stuff in rl (eh, that always happens. Meh). Probably a combination all of three. Who knows.. DUNCURR. Look. Pretty pictures, and pretty looks. I was trying to do a new look today.. it just.. missed with it all

I love this new dress… just.. so flowey. I keep seeing it in all the blogs.. and I’m always like.. NOPE. Saving.. not shopping, and then drop like.. 10k in seconds. So much for saving. Such is the case on the rampage that this little dress started. I really wanted to showcase it, because it’s soooo gorgeous.. so.. I think that’s it.. I’m not in a writie mood. I’m just in a picture mood. Kay? Good.

Hair: (Chemistry) Hair – Tamora (Medium)(Rigged) by Kimberlee Miles
-Glam Affair – Sylvia   by Aida Ewing
Dress: *LpD* – *Tune* Dress White by Nevery
Shoes: fri. – Amelia.Heels (Fog) by Darling Monday
Pose: Marukin